Friday 4 September 2009

Pique rejected Madrid approach this summer

Speaking to Catalan televsion channel TV3, Barcelona player Gerard Piqué has confirmed that Real Madrid tried to sign him this summer:

"Madrid has been interested for several years now. But that interest was nipped in the bud since the start. Now I just want to focus on Barça and I didn't think at any moment about leaving the club."

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Barca>madrid said...

The loyalty in this team amazes me i LOVE IT

Anurag said...

i agree. perez keeps trying to unsettle barcelona even though he does not say so publicly.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. this is hilarious and so is perez
i dont think for a mini-second pique would ever even dream (or have nightmares) of going to madrid.
perez is a bit loony!!

doogle said...

the only time pique will go to madrid as when he scores against them at their home field

fcbee said...

How dumb must you be to tempt Pique this summer... Really, that's even more a waste of time than tempting Messi.

pault said...

I think it is more like to be a phychological strategy rather than having a serious interest in Pique

barcagirl said...

Why do they always go after our players?! Oh yeah!!! we have the best.

tero said...

Pique is not a stupid man,he laughs at Madrid's clumsy offers

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