Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bojan hoping to become fixed starter one day

Speaking to journalist, Barcelona player Bojan Krkic has commented on the first weeks of the new season:

"I was surprised that I got injured because I was feeling good and I didn't expect it to happen. But now I want to focus all my energy on recovering.

Coming back for the next league game against Getafe seems not really possible because I was told I will be out for 15 to 20 days. But when I'm starting to work on my recovery, I know I will want to play as soon as possible.

Apart from the injury, the season has started very well, I had a lot of playing time and scored some goals. That's why this feels especially bad, because it comes at a bad moment.

I nevertheless feel supported by the coach. He values my work and that of all the home-grown players. I know what has lead me to be promoted to the first team and that's what I also want to do one day at the Camp Nou. I'm very hopeful to become a fixed starter one day.

I am also happy for the first goal of ibrahimovic. I know what it is whenpeople have set their hopes on a striker and you feel that that goal doesn't come. By scoring this first goal he will feel relieved and from now on he will stzart scoring naturally."

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Shokir said...

. I know what has lead me to be promoted to the first team

Nop it was Rijkaard who did it !

alexxx666 said...

At 19 years old Bojan has played with Ronaldinho, Eto, Henry, Messi, and Ibra. The most prolific goalscorers of our time and he has still kept his feet on the ground and been modest and humble. BOJAN=BARCA"s FUTURE. Barca's Raul but better.

blugarblood said...

Good luck Bojan. I still think there are better young strikers out there, its just absurd that the spanish press shoves Bojan down our throats as if hes the new Balotelli or something.

Hes a good player at best, but not elite.

Mihai Martin said...

"I know WHAT has lead me to be promoted to the first team"
Shocks, if you read this again you'd see there's no claim of Guardiola having promoted him in the first place.

Anonymous said...

i don't think so.
he's too small, too skinny, too weak, lacks ball controll, lacks a good shoot, lacks dribbling abilities and lacks heading.
i can't see him in Barca in 3-4 years.
i know i will get alot of hate but thats just my opinion, please respect it as i respect yours that bojan will become something one day.

skanjos said...

bojan has become a great player last anony.he is not smaller than messi,he has build enough muscles and stays on his foot now after a collision(he was like gai assulin and messi before bulking)heading?we have ibra and keita for that,also the same can be said for messi/iniesta too.

bojan has been amazing for the last games of la liga last year and now in the preseason and first games.he can take the LF position from henry .i love to see him on a central role,but in our system his position is LF to do what henry does,play as 2nd striker for alves crosses and cut the ball and shoot with the right foot.bojan is our future lf winger and you can quote me on that

mike in africa said...


we all know Rijkaard gave him the opportunity... but what are you trying to say there?

alexxx666 said...

For all of u who doubt him just look at his stats. At 19 he has 94 apperances and 24 goals for Barca. Most of those app are as a sub.At 19 he has more goals than Larsson, Overmars, Deco, Giuly... AND HE IS ONLY 19. iMAGINE HIM IN 2-3 YEARS..

Anonymous said...

Some people who bash Bojan said that people should respect other opinions but those people are too harsh and disrespectful for this kid IMO.

I'm not a big fan of Bojan (I believe him though) but those people who just keep bashing on someone is annoying.
Now I really hope Bojan will be a great player, haha.

tero said...

@blugarblood or whatever...

Balotelli may be skilled but his attitude is awful,like you combined the worst parts from Ibra and Eto'o and put them on one player

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