Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Laporta on Guardiola, Chygrynskiy and Eto'o

Speaking to Spanish radio station RNE, Barcelona president Joan Laporta talked about Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola, last Barcelona signing Dmytro Chygrynskiy and former Barcelona player Samuel Eto'o.

From outside the club, people have always tried to destabilize the club and myself – the same happened with Rijkaard before – but I deny that we have a bad relationship. My relationship with Pep couldn't be better. At a personal level, I admire him. And as a coach, I will be eternally grateful because he is the key for this team living its best moment in the history, although Txiki and the players also contributed a lot.

Guardiola didn't have any doubts, he had been totally impressed by the player. There were no other options because Pep was very clear in his decision. I don't think this transfer will affect the situation of Puyol. The captain will keep his place since Guardiola will use the rotations in a correct way.

I am sure he will be very motivated when he returns to the Camp Nou because he is a born winner. But unlike when he played against Madrid, he doesn't need to prove anything here because he knows the players, the coaches and the president have valued him and still value him. He is a player who has given everything on the pitch and he is an excellent person.

Whatever happens in the games against Inter, our opinion about him will not change. Eto'o has been at Barcelona for five years and he was there at every important event. When Eto'o was not there because of an injury, that reflected on the team and when he was there, we won everything. When I said a while ago that he didn't pick up the phone, that was because he was not in Spain at that time. Now we are regularly in contact.

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Marc4barca said...

laporta failed to mention eto wasn't in spain when he made the phone during the transfer period anyways eto does have something to prove.. he has to prove what barca did was a mistake. i don't think it is but i'm not eto.

Anonymous said...

I am a little disappointed about we didnt signed more players this summer. I hope we sign Cesc and a winger(Robinho,Ribery or Robben)when the transfer window opens again, I just hope it wont be to late

barca96 said...

why is laporta regularly in contact with etoo??
is laporta begging etoo not to score goals against us or what? haha

Anurag said...

barca96, its called maintaining contacts. i guess they still maintain a professional relationship if not a cordial and friendly one. you would if you knew someone for 5 years

sho said...

lol @ the Eto part of the story.

Ondra said...
Video of the day?
Samuel Eto'o, Top 20 Barcelona Goals [2004 - 2009]

Anonymous said...

I watched the video... they're all "tap-ins".

Yes, I'm kidding... I personally still believe Eto'o is one of the best strikers in the world... Ibra sure does have big shoes to fill. Let's hope he can do it.

equis said...

they're in contact same way sammi still exchange text msges/talk with puyi and other barca players. also, laporta always had a good relationship with eto'o, both of them once said its like father and son. it got strained only during the transfer.

rajmagar said...

if he felt that Eto'o is a great goalscorer then why he sold him in very cheap price. for wat he wants contact him regularly? to return back? Laporta u did worst mistake in ur life

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