Friday 4 September 2009

Chygrynskiy: "Barcelona is a religion"

Speaking at a press conference, new Barcelona player Dmytro Chygrynskiy has commented on his transfer to Barcelona:

"Adapting will depend on me. The language can be a problem because my English is quite basic. And although it's clearly an international team, all the players speak Spanish and the majority of them Catalan.

I am already looking forward to return there and to start working with the team. In Barcelona, the club is not just sport, it's a religion and it has an influence on the whole culture. People are crazy about Barça.

Has my status in the national team changed because of my transfer to Barcelona? I don't like to talk about status, but about being committed to the national team and thinking about our common interest. We are four steps away from the World Cup."

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Anonymous said...

I think he's smart enough to understand that without learning the language he won't be successful in Barcelona.

He won't be the new Hleb.:)

tero said...

Man Hleb is a total retard.Couldn't learn a language and acted like shit.I hope I never see his face in Barca again

Filip said...

sorry for going off topic but i have a new quote of the day. Sneijder said: ''I still say Barca are the strongest side in Europe, but there are also Manchester United, Arsenal and of course Inter.''

keijjo said...

lol, looks like sneijder is very bitter for how he got treated by florentino perez. no wonder, everyone would be but he also wont hold back telling that to the press :D

equis said...

spanish is real easy to learn but i guess hleb just didnt care enough.

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