Friday 4 September 2009

Vilanova: "There are no doubts about Ibrahimovic"

Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova gave an interview to Catalan radio station Ona FM. Some excerpts.

"People think that the first day you will already see the same level of performances as before. But it doesn't work like that. There are no doubts about his skills. He has won five leagues in a row in Italy, where it's not easy for a striker.

He will perform very well and he will bring us things we maybe didn't have before. I don't want to make comparisons with Eto'o. Eto'o had some extraordinary seasons at Barcelona and both are great players."

The new season
"It's impossible that we now already would be at the same cruising speed as we had at the end of last season. Besides that, one shouldn't forget that in our first league game, we played without Messi and Iniesta, probably two of the best players in the world."

"We have seen Chygrynskiy play a lot and we have been following him closely for several months. Because of the way Shakhtar and Lucescu have been playing, it will be easy for him to adapt here. He can build up very good, with both legs."

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Katalanos said...

With both legs ?!

Anonymous said...

he is a two footed player. unlike some people who are very weak with their weaker foot, chiggy is almost equally strong with both.

Anonymous said...

The obsesssion of having 11 playmakers on the pitch at all times is interesting.

Anonymous said...

May be he is a good player. But 25 mln. too much for this defender

Bogman said...

Only time will tell if the fee was excessive or not. If he gets to be a starter for us in the future I would say it was money well spent. And considering the troubles we have had finding a good defender to grow in to our system lately, I surely hope this one doesn't miss!

Anonymous said...

We have 2 very talented young cb in Muniesa and Fontas

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