Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Barcelona has option to buy Xavi Torres back

Speaking to Catalan sports paper Sport, Málaga defensive midfielder Xavi Torres (22), who played last season with Barcelona Atlètic, has revealed that Barcelona has an option to buy him back:

"What a debut it was. My first official game with Málaga, we defeat Atlético 3-0 and I score a goal.

And I could have scored another won with a volley in the first half. Of course I'm happy, what do you think... Although I'm keeping my feet on the ground. I have always believed in my qualities but I honestly didn't expect I would start on Saturday. My former team-mates called to congratulate me. Pedrito was the first one.

To play at Barça is incredible, something no player expects. I wished it could have been possible, but I wanted to start in the first division. It was a joint decision between Guardiola and myself, but there's a buy back option for three million euros and for Barça, three millions is nothing."

Read more:
Barça B - Official: Xavi Torres to Malaga

Watch Xavi Torres scoring the third goal against Atlético Madrid in his debut with Málaga on Saturday:


Marc4barca said...

malaga's stadium and pitch look like a training facility.

Mido said...

Lol @ Marc4barca they cant beleive they won 3_0 in their first match but they should be happy
about Xavi Torres he was good last season and I would love him and Botia to come back but I dont think they will come back bec they may not barca quality so lets keep an eye on them and we will see

Anonymous said...

its too early to judge him,just one match.
we have clearly more talented youth players than jonathan,thiago,romeu.
but i love ex-barca players playing good in new teams.

tech4me said...

FYI - should be "could have score another one..."

Unknown said...

xavi told me his favourite player was yaya toure :)

Sachincule said...

i was very impressed by him during the last games when he played with the first team, maybe we can get him back in January because we are anyhow looking for a DM to cover for yaya, keita absence in AFN cup of nations and who better than a barca youth player?? maybe if he performs great during the first six months, it could be an added incentive?? but then again if he plays more than 5 games for one la liga side he cannot play again in another la liga side that season :(

tero said...

I think he'll do great in a team like Malaga but his skills are not good enough for Barca...for example Busquets is lot better and he has more versatility

Anonymous said...

"FYI - should be "could have score another one..." No . It was correct the first time around ," could have scored another one ."

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