Saturday 5 September 2009

Txiki: "It's difficult for Barça to sell players"

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain looked back at the summer transfer window.

The squad
"Having a shorter squad is not a risk. You can have a larger squad but then you have the problem of managing all that and that carries some risks too. I don't see a problem compared with next season.

The exit of Jorquera won't have an effect because we just return to the situation of having two goalkeepers at the first team. Chygrynskiy will have more minutes than Cáceres. The minutes of Hleb will be for Pedro. And both Jonathan and Tiago could take advantage of the sale of Gudjohnsen. Maxwell will probably play more than Sylvinho and Ibrahimovic replaces Eto'o. And the club also hopes that Milito will have recovered soon.

It's true that Pep has said that the squad is rather short but he has also said that he has a lot of confidence in the youth players, who adapt easily to the way of playing. We have played with a lot of home-grown players in last season's Champions League final, we ended the Super Cup in Monaco with eight home-grown players on the pitch and during the pre-season we have seen that there are talented youth players coming through. We are starting the season with a good and secure feeling, and we are very satified with the current squad."

The winter tranfer window
"Although we don't really like the winter market, we will be monitoring things over the coming months since we haven't been able to do everything we wanted this summer because of the very high and actually shocking prices."

"We have a great relationship with Manchester City and during the talks the name of Robinho came up. We didn't make a concrete bid because every time we talked about it, they made clear that he was not for sale."

Selling players
"It's difficult for Barça to get money for the players we sell. We basically sell because we don't want the player anymore. We don't need them anymore and the other teams of course know that too. The salary is one of the other problems when selling players. In any case, we don't want to be the best sellers. Our first objective is to buy players and to improve what we already have."

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Anurag said...

delighted to hear jonathan and thiago will get their moments this season. cant do much worse than guddy can they?

Je me'appelle Samuel said...

Laporta you dumbass. Stop telling the whole world we don't value our players when it comes time to sell. The only way Barca will get good at the negotiation process is if we get Jack Bauer to represent us. jeez

Marc4barca said...

why is it a problem for all of you now? this has been barca for a while now so stop crying about everything and real are stupid for selling robben and robinho.. selling players that are still needed, what sense does that make. arsene wegner and alex ferguson are known to sell many players who no longer live up to the standards of the club.. are they bad as well? we don't need to be the best at everything, we are good financially and have an excellent youth squad... no no, we have the best youth sqaud. I hail laporta and txiki cause they built this sqaud, they chose pep over all others, they made the right decision in selling dinho and deco and are firm supporters of the youth system.. it doesn't get any better than them.

Anonymous said...

we have never enjoyed a better period in this club history.
I wish Laporta would stay for the rest of his life, whatever they are doing, selling Messi, buying Maradona again, whatever, what matters in the end is what happens on the field. and it can't get any better.

JakobsenDK said...

Agree with Marc4Barca and the last Ano..

How the hell think we can get the same price for Guddy as Real did for Robben?

Also if i remember correctly we did get around 20 euros for Ronaldinho.. Thats a pretty good price considering the gamble he was, and his wages.

Stop calling the management idiots.. That just shows you have no idea what they have done for Barcelona..This isnt football manager - real world rules apply.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

I have full confidence in our menagment, this year we bought Ibra, the best striker in the world maybe, and it looks unpossible mission on the begining. Chigry and Maxwell are good too. I like selling and loaning off players like Guddy, Hleb, Caceres, and giving a chance a youth players. My opinion is, that Thiago, Pedro and Bojan soon will be world class, maybe even this year, and because of that it's not good to buy some solid players like Matta, only brilliant players we should buy. Baord doing smart job, we will wait till Januar to see how is going development of youth players, and if that wouldn't be good, they will buy someone.

For me, theese years are the best years in Barca history, we have the best team and players in the world, almost everybody are young players who can play long time.

Next year we must change Henry for Ribbery, or Robinho, or Aguerro or Hulk. Also we should buy Cesc and some fantastic LB.

We can sell Henry, Abidal, Hleb, Caceres, Keitha and Millito and we can get maybe 50 millions for all of them

fcbee said...

Robinho was just pure luck that Manchester City came knocking. They also come knocking for our stars. Maybe we should let them have Messi for 100 millions, than you'd probably be happy that we finally got soem good transfer fee, woo-hoo!

And Robben (and Sneijder and Huntelaar) was just sold with a big loss, so I don't think Madrid should be the example.

barca96 said...

oh my god..
santon is considering leaving inter..
i know we already have 2full backs but santon is a future super left back!! we should really sign him, that way maxwell can move further up
cmon santon had a really good season last year..

barca96 said...

cmon, ibra is not the best striker in the world..i support all the barca players too but you are going overboard..he is maybe top5 but torres, villa are way ahead of him including etoo..
txiki should finally wake up as its already september and he still has time to make contacts with inter regarding davide santon

bosnian_likes_barca said...

Barca 96

For me, Ibra is in top 3, with Drogba and Torres, but Drogba has a problems with his temperament and Torres is maybe the best potential, but he also have a big problems with injurries, so that's a reason because i think that Ibra is best choice for us. Villa is not that class and Eto maybe yes, but we will se how he will play for Inter, in Barca he was just a part of goal machine, and he had many created chances, sometimes he scored in big games, but sometimes he missed. I like Eto so much, more than Ibra, but I thing Ibra has bigger potential becase he's so powerfull, and if he adapts of course, he will be the best striker in the world.

Anonymous said...

based on last year performance, Torres isn't even in the top 5.
I like Torres very much, but to put him above Villa, Eto' and Ibra is plain exaggeration.
besides, "way" better? Ibrahimovic's technical ability and shooting from distance is better than Torres, and his strength is stronger too.
I believe he is a better header than Torres. Torres is a better in one on one, and faster. but overall, Ibra is better. not "way" better, but definitely better.
and he got a better passing which is especially vital for us.

barca96 said...

sorry i stand to be corrected anony..
way better was a wrong word..
but i do believe that torres and villas suit our style of play better..that's just my opiny..
you also have to take into consideration what they have achieved in big stage tournaments like CL and Euro or WC..but nvm.
what do you guys thunk of santon?
i really think we should get him now(winter) as he can play RB & LB which is really useful..

Anonymous said...

Ribery says he wants to play in spain, I hope we can buy him instead of Madrid

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all the fascination with Torres . He is NOT very good with the ball . His technical skills are average at best . He can't dribble . He is a big time DIVER . Why in Hell should he be one of the top strikers in the world ? He was barely a 15 goal season in La Liga . He had ONE good year in the EPL .I would NOT want him at Barça . He is NOT a Barça quality !!

Anonymous said...

Torres is a big time DIVER !!

barca96 said...

you guys are exaggerating..torres is not a big time diver..some players dive now and then and in the epl the defenders are rough..
another advantage of torres is that he plays in the spain squad=EURO champion ofcourse!!

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