Friday 4 September 2009

Laporta satisfied with transfer summer

Speaking at a press conference earlier this week, Barcelona president Joan Laporta looked back at the transfer summer:

"We have brought everything that had been asked. The first objective was to find a new centre forward because of the exit of Samuel Eto'o and we managed to do that. Ibrahimovic was the first option and we managed to sign him.

We signed Maxwell to replace Sylvinho. And the finishing touch has been Chygrynskiy. I have the impression that the coach is very satisfied with his squad and also with our belief in the youth players.

I think with the new guys, Barcelona will keep the same motivation and the same work-rate and will be able to make the dreams of the fans come true. I want to thank the technical department because in a time of crisis, Barcelona has been able to spend 80 millions on players and to solve a complicated situation like the one of Eto'o. I think that we have acted with common sense and that we didn't overspend."

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Unknown said...

Laporta cannot stop praising txiki. I hope you are right

Anonymous said...

actually villa was the first choice for CF.

Anonymous said...

our first target was Ibra, remember the meeting between laporta and moratti in the BEGINNING of the transfer market

Anurag said...

ibra was peps first choice, which is why barca went for him. inter said no, barca asked for villa. valencia acted weird. barca came back to inter, made a take it or leave it style offer. bingo - ibra ours.

jazzy said...

yeah.. I'm still amazed by the quickness of the Barca-inter deal, w/ maxwell and Ibra.
I heard about villa, everything is a done deal, and when they all sat on the table to sign the contracts, suddenly valencia acted weird and made a new higher bid for villa that we will not accept.
thats crazyness.

skanjos said...

"We have brought everything that had been asked."
no.just no . masherano?fabregas?robinho?filipe? just to name 4 players

for me this is a failure transfer season,lets hope we stay out of injuries(bojan/ibra/maxwell/iniesta's illness yes we started alright......)till december,from january i expect 2 more transfers.

Unknown said...

/no.just no . masherano?fabregas?robinho?filipe? just to name 4 players /

Stop the whining!

Anonymous said...

Why is Laporta the only one who cant see how incompetent Txixi is. The best thing about next years election is wee will deffinitly get rid of Txixi

Eladir said...

Villa was the first striker that Barcelona really tried to get. And Guardiola and the assistand manager have both said that they'd like a bigger team so Laporta is kinda lying.

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