Saturday 5 September 2009

Inter Milan has first option on Messi

Italian sports paper La Gazzetta dello Sport claims that Inter Milan has an informal agreement with Barcelona right wing attacker and Argentinian international Lionel Messi (22).

Inter president Massimo Moratti would have closed a verbal deal with the player's father and agent Jorge Messi that they will first negotiate with the Italian club if Messi would have to leave Barcelona in the future for whatever reason, also because the player would prefer to join Inter in that case.

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Keenanza said...

i kinda had a feeling that inter would have 1st option

but i dont think leo will leave anyway. he is a very modest guy and realizes that without FCB he wouldn't be half the player he is now.

gosh i cant believe how good he is and hes only 22. unbelievable. he hasnt even hit his prime :o

all hail leo

brazo said...

i think its ok to give inter the first option... if messi HAS to leave barca, what i dont think, it would be nice to see him with etoo... but i dont think that messi will ever leave barca...

Anonymous said...

My first option is Angelina Jolie, but she will be mine when Messi become Inter player, probably the same chances, and probably - never.

Unknown said...

I think that is a mind game ahead of the clash between Barca and Inter. He is 22 years, and he is about to sign another contract. what the heck is a first option in case he decides to leave Barca!! very early to give such a verbal promise!
I really feel sick of these magazines and papers!

Boat Forever said...

If you remember what Guardiola and some of the players said about messi before champions league final against ManUtd., Messi when irked is too dangerous a player. That's why every player from our squad kept saying Messi is magical but still Ronaldo is a better and more complete a player. I'd say only one thing to the Italian media, thanks for your speculation guys :)

txikidracula said...

yea keenan i always figured this was the deal breaker in the eto'o/ibra affair. as if 45 million bucks wasn't enough. jesucristo!!! getting rid of toxic assets isn't cheap. i'm just kidding. i loved/still love eto'o :^)

inter can have messi in ten years.

Anonymous said...

is marcus berg an Ibra in making!?||&name=Marcus+Berg

Unknown said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! yeah right,

tero said...

Inter can wait forever getting him,I think (and hope) that Messi will retire in the club that gave him a true chance to play football in the first place....@anon,nope I don't see berg near as talented as Ibra.It seems every young Swede is nowadays compared to Ibra

Anonymous said...


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