Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ibrahimovic: "Little by little I'm getting there"

Speaking to journalists after the league game against Sporting Gijón yesterday, Barcelona players Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Víctor Valdés commented on the match.

"The team-mates are helping me a lot. I'm not yet feeling 100 per cent but I am happy because I played 90 minutes and little by little I'm getting in shape. The team isn't yet 100 per cent either but we wish to get there as soon as possible so that everything works the way we want it."

"Winning the first game of the league season was important to catch some confidence ahead of the break due to international games. By winning today we have shown that we want to defend our title. But you have to go step by step and game by game, and keeping respect for the opponent."

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Anonymous said...

Ibra should keep his martial arts kicks out until he's fully fit.

fcbee said...

Good he scored because that took the attention away from a rather poor match. I guess there would have been a lot of criticism otherwise. What a difference a goal makes... Especially because there's a break now and the press would have been all over it for two weeks.

Unknown said...

Ander after scoring his first goal it is now easier for Ibra to relax on the pitch and just go with the flow.
His pass to Pedro directly after scoring 3-0 was magnificent!

Khaled said...

I'm glad that he scored, although his performance was not convincing. He was really SLOW and could not keep with the team speed. There was a chance in the second half where he passed in front of the goal to Ketia. He showed speed in that chance. So, I hope he get into the speed rhythm of our attack.

jay said...

yea agreeed khaled i agree. he was very slow didnt move much kind of like a rock, hopefully he will be 100% fit soon so he can get some pace into him.

tero said...

Zlatan was a bit clumsy at times,but he's got the biggest pressure out of him and he can concentrate better on team play

barca96 said...

he needs to learn how to chase the ball, defend, go to the ball instead of waiting for it to come..all of these which he wasnt used to when playing at ajax(im an ajax fan too) and inter...
he doesnt have much time! his injury is on his hand, how come it takes so long for him to recover? its not like he uses hands to score right?

Omar said...

What a brilliant goal he scored the other day, he had to readjust himself and use his 6'5 frame to reach and head the ball. As soon as he scored, he looked calmer and could have scored a second goal, not to forget that glorious pass to Pedro.

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