Saturday, 5 September 2009

The Front: Sport


Messi: "This is a very special game to me because it is played in my hometown. We will win."

Maradona: "Messi is better than ever. He should now stop being a boy and turn into a man."

Iniesta: "I want to retire at Barça"

Puyol, Piqué and Xavi starters


Unknown said...

Messi You will Qualify for the world cup so don't worry let's get Maradona out of the Picture and things will go back to normal, this reminds me about HUGO SANCHEZ when he was the coach for Mexico Maradona Please get some expirience before you run Argentinas team, and Messi we will win against RM cause we have the best in BARCA uno dos tres I know you want me hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

its not gona happen dude

Unknown said...

Barca ♥

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