Friday 4 September 2009

The Front: El Mundo Deportivo


Barça keeps an eye on the Brazilian who is liked by Pep and not wanted by Hughes

The attacker would be able to play the Champions League, while Willian is another back-up winger

Interview with Messi (2): "The five cups are the merit of Pep"

Mundo Deportivo in Sweden - Ibra challenges Inter: "We are better"


fcb_india said...

Robinho is a good player and he has the quality to be a star.. and being with so many good players here he will surely try to prove his best.. people complained against Ibra about his attitude too.. but the Barca jersey has its weight to bring out the best of any player..
Robinho will surely be a grt addition to our squad..

barca96 said...

there are wayy more better option at the same price and more options for lower price..

Boat Forever said...

Every body said the same about Adebayor when Guardiola wanted to sign him, that Adeb is lazy and doesn't run at all put aside pressurizing defenses, blah blah...but look at him now at man.City. He's improved on his work rate. Even Tevez looks like a lazy bugger playing beside him :O

tero said...

IMO we don't need robinho,he's a egomaniac and not that good for a big transfer fee

Katalanos said...

I'd rather have Mata ;)

Ba-Beka said...

Id better pay 70M to bring in RIBERY then 40-50M for Robinho .

The only player who can be perfect for the left wing in Barca team is Ribery , i hope they won't let him go to Real Madrid .

Robinho is to ego , we already have one who need to work with him IBRA , so we don't need Robinho to .


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