Friday 4 September 2009

Milito: "I am looking forward to face Barcelona"

Inter Milan forward Diego Milito gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

What do you think about having to play against Barça in the Champions League?
It's always motivating to play against the European champions, it's logical that we are looking forward to it, we want to win this.

They have some weak points?
We all know Barça is a great team with a lot of top players. We will be informed about them when the games are coming closer.

You have talked about it with Messi?
No, not at all. We both will defend our colours and we will give everything for our team to win. It will be a very attractive game and I am sure that football lovers will look forward to it. I believe in my team, in my team-mates.

You are worried to have Messi as an opponent?
Well, we should be prepared for it.

How do you stop him?
Pfff, we know him well, it's an excellent player and we cannot relax one second. There's not one recipe to mark him. We are talking about a unique player here. Let's hope things turn out for the best.

Inter defeated Milan 4-0. Can you still get better?
The team starts to know each other little by little. There's still a little left. But Inter is doing very well.

You are looking forward to the game against Barcelona?
We all like this kind of games, the ones against Brazil or against Barcelona. It's special to play against one of the best teams in the world. So we will have to be prepared.

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rObReV7 said...

Barca is a different can of fish im afraid Diego! Leo is not the only incredible player, and maybe we'll have a free-scoring Zlatan by then? :)

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

I am so looking forward to this game that I forget about boobs sometimes, and that is weird for me. It will be such a big game, and I hope we crush them. Alright, maybe we won't crush them, but win easily and play very nice.

Mes que un club. Makes me forget about things that I love most.

Messiiiiiiiii said...

Inter are pretty good team now with Mourinho who knows Barca well.
But I think with full force we can beat them home and away it will be a good test though.
Also to see Etoo/Zlatan will be amazing.

Anurag said...

im a bit worried about inter this season, i must admit. they have a great squad. and this man, milito, is in fantastic shape this season. looks dangerous ALL THE TIME.

Humankind said...

I'm not really worried about Inter because they couldn't trouble Manchester United in the CL last season at all and Barcelona is more offensive so it will be harder for them to give us a fight.

I think that we can win comfortably at home and tie the away game to finish top of our group. That should be our objective because the top seed of every group gets better chances of facing an easier opponent in Round of 16.

chazan said...

Inter is not the same as last year's Inter. Last year only depended on Zlatan to win their games. This season Inter is not betting on the Seria A but on the Champions League. That's why they bought so many stars now. Milito, Lucio, Sneijder, Eto'o.... They also already had very talented players and have a lot of ex Barca experience. Most importantly the coach. This season they are looking to play as a squad instead as an individual. If you saw the derby you would agree and they did that with barely knowing each other.

I believe Barca will get the upper hand the first game because the team is more integrated than Inter but the second game will be very very tough.

tero said...

I believe we see a great match when both Eto'o and Ibra are playing against their former teams

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