Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Henrique officially presented as Racing player

Barcelona player Henrique (22) was yesterday officially presented as new player of Racing Santander, the club he joins on a one-year loan.

Speaking at a press conference, Henrique said that he saw the move as a great chance to show his skills: "I'm happy to be here. I know I'm joining a good club, that I will have to work a lot here and I am convinced that I will be happy here. I am aware of the expectations and I hope that my efforts will help to reach the objectives and to bring joy to the fans."


tero said...

I hope he makes his breakthrough in Racing and comes back to Barca as more skilled player

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

He looks so fucked up.

Unknown said...

The guy looks pissed. Hope that it will motivate him instead of turning him into the next loanout loser.

ern said...

now he's all mad.

Anonymous said...

haha doesn't look too happy, does he ;P
I can't see him in Barca next year, he's not good enough. He'll sit on the bench pretty much all the time since we have Puyol, Pique, Marquez and Crygynsky

rafael said...

i feel sorry for this guy
he was doing good in Brazil.
our club and traffic sports agency are ruining is career together.

MiDO H. said...

i just noticed something :
i mean... :
Henrique Back From Loan
Botia Back From Loan
lets suppose that Juve are stupid enough to buy Caceres ... we already have like 6 central defenders :
Puyol Pique Dima Marquez Henrique Botia ( excluding caceres and milito)

Anonymous said...

Botia would be sold, Henrique would stay because even though he wouldn't start ahead of Puyol or Marquez now, they would be too old in 2 years & Henrique plays at RB as well.

Anonymous said...


barca96 said...

mido you forgot to mention muniesa and fontas..i hope they will be promoted next year.but i still do wish caceres and henrique to come back as marquez will be too old and puyol might need competition..

Anonymous said...

we will play with 10 CBs on the pitch.

we will evolve from "total football" to total "wall".

clive said...

echoing with all the CB comments!! hahaha Barca will play 10 CBs and they can all shoot! what the hell, look at Puyi! and Pique!#@#%W but hey, we don't need Henrique tho, he is not good enough. Fontas is 10 times better.

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