Sunday 30 August 2009

Guardiola dismisses Robinho and closes squad

Asked about the renewed rumours linking Manchester City left winger and Brazilian international Robinho (25) with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has ruled out the transfer at a press conference and has said that it's almost certain the club won't sign any more players:

"Robinho won't come. He was the star transfer of Manchester City last year and it wouldn't make sense for them to let him go now.

In general, there should happen something extraordinary for us to sign another player before the end of the tranfer window. It's true that the group is a little short, maybe we lack another midfielder but the prices were exaggerated. I then prefer to use the youth players because I believe that they can help us to keep the balance in the team."

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Klaustrus said...

"I then prefer to use the youth players because I believe that they can help us to keep the balance in the team."
Yes, yes ,yes, bloody yes!
Absolutely correct! I say we wait until January window, then the prices will have gone down a bit, and we can buy a CM to widen the squad if we need. In the matches against Rubin Kazan we can play JDS, Thiago Alcantara, Jeffrén, Fontás .. yeah, many players could jump in. Not all at once of course, but perhaps 2 or three.

barca4life said...

Hence our first team squad is

GKS : Valdes Pinto

DEF : Dani Alves Chygrynskiy Pique Puyol Marquez Abidal Maxwell Milito

MID : Xavi Iniesta Yaya Busquets Keita

FOW : Messi Ibrahimovic Henry Bojan Pedro

with rumours that jeffren could be promoted to the first team

Oier Montoya Muniesa Fontas Jonathan Dos Santos Thiago and Gai are the youth team players most likely to add depth to that first team squad

skanjos said...

we have a very small squad.i hope we wont have to regret it....lets see how things go,then we move for more transfers in january if needed.

Soha_TZ said...


IMO our team is good. We have every position covered by one or two players which are very good. I think that guddy was good player and profesional, but do you think that he can give us more than jds or thiago, for example? I don't think so. Ofcourse, one or two players would be welcome, but we have to agree with pep, prices are way out of market and you don't get guarantee that that the player that would eventually come will be a success. After all, there is always january transfer window to react if anything goes wrong. Tomorow is a big day, let's hope barca win and ibra scores:)
P.S. Those lineups are just an example, don't get me wrong;))

1messi0 said...

so does this mean that JDS will play with the first team this season?

Unknown said...

Without a doubt the squad is short IMO

Barca nerd-fan said...

Ok Pep... I will now stop nagging about a midfielder since you said you believe in the youth.

tero said...

we have the best youth academy in the world,we should use it unlike MADrid whose youth players never make it...javi garcia is crap (sold), and dani parejo went to getafe

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