Friday 4 September 2009

Iniesta not worried about contract renewal

Asked about his contract renewal (read more here), Barcelona attacking midfielder and Spanish international Andres Iniesta (25) has said at a press conference that he is not worried about the issue:

"I won't lose sleep over it because I feel loved here and because the club has always valued me in a correct way. I hope to retire at the Camp Nou.

The only thing I want now is to be given the green light - which I think is very close - to go to the stadium of Getafe and to play again. I have suffered a lot lately, it has been a hard summer and I want to feel like a football player again. My leg has recovered and I want to start playing as soon as possible."

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Hans said...

I believe that Iniesta will retire at the Camp Nou. He had been sub many years until and he did his job and had never complaint.

equis said...

hope so hans. i cant imagine him wearing another club's jersey, same with xavi. they seem like keepers to me. barca should still do everything to keep both of them though.

barcagirl said...

I really,really hope that he and Messi,Xavi,Puyol,Pique... retire in barca.Anyway I am happy that he finally recovered.Off topic: pep I have an interview of Manel Estiarte(Pep's best friend) where he talked a lot about Pep and Barca, how Pep reacted in special moments of 08/09, do you want me to sent it and you see if it's good or not?

pep said...

I think I have it, barcagirl, but you can send it anyway... ;)

tero said...

Iniesta will never betray barca by going to other club.

0marX said...

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Anonymous said...

good man

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