Thursday, 3 September 2009

[2008] Barcelona thought about Eto'o-Robinho swap

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona has this summer been seriously interested in then Real Madrid left winger and Brazilian international Robinho (24) (read more here).

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola saw the Brazilian as the ideal player to replace Ronaldinho at the left wing and Barcelona considered offering in exchange Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (27) to Real Madrid. Because Barcelona president Joan Laporta didn't want to let go Eto'o, a formal swap offer was in the end never made.

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1 comment:

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

if the deal had of gone through it would have haunted us!!!

skanjos said...

yes it would be very bad to see eto in white.i dont think he would go there after the famous "madrid ca%#% salute el campion".

also do you think we can sign robinho now in the january transfer window or in the summer?i think robinho is the left winger we are missing and now it will be alot easier to take him,also a switch with henry and money would be ideal.

Anonymous said...

Manc. City bought Robinho!

Anonymous said...

Man City won't let him go. And Robinho plays five good matches a season, he won't make the difference for us. Although he would be better than the options we have now... But it's not gonna happen.

Ramzi said...

Well I am not sure how truth there is in this claim, but eto wouldnt go to madrid, madrid stars would not welcome him, and certainly madrid fans will not accept it.

No way Man city would sell ronaldinho, this is the new buying team in the world of football, barcelona will be lucky if man city will not start unsettling players like messi, yaya, or Alves. beside, i dont think Robinho is the right option for barcelona.

Finally will barcelona pay for man city the ammount man city paid for madrid to get this guy?no i think they r smarter than that, and barcekona fc is too good to be that despirite for a flashy name.

noubarca said...

He plans to Buy R7-£130M, Fabregas-£60M, KAKA-£80M, Messi-£80M, Torres-£70M.. He must be dreaming. I dont care what he does really but Messi? simply NO

cojonudo said...

Eto'o for Robinho?! rubbish! Laporta would have been shot on the spot for considering such a move. True, Eto'o's known for putting his foot in his mouth, but at least he tells you how it is. Robinho on the other hand is a complete fool! Comments such as Schuster is not "his daddy" and then making a further mockery of himself by selling his soul to Manchester City. Is this the type of player that a team who's mantra is "Mes que un club" wants? I think not!

As far as who's next it wouldn't surprise me to see Ronaldo jump ship and move right next door to Man City by next summer. Ronaldo's the definition of a prima donna if there ever was one. He'll gladly sell his soul too for the spotlight, attention and bragging rights of being the highest paid player in football history, dreams of playing someday for Real Madrid be dammed. The only person Ronaldo cares about more than himself is himself!

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