Thursday, 3 September 2009

Stoichkov: "They should build a monument for Eto'o"

Mamelodi Sundowns manager and former Barcelona player Hristo Stoichkov gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

How do you see Barça?
Oh dear! Barça is unique in world football. They are at their own level. I saw the Champions League draw and the 'Barça vs Inter' debate is senseless. Mourinho is a great coach and has a great team but he knows Barça is better. Can they loose a game against Inter? Of course, but if I had to put my money on one team, I would put it on Barça.

What about Eto'o returning to the Camp Nou? Ibra or Eto'o?
The press always seems to want to make comparisons. Eto'o has given so many things to Barça that they should build a monument for him. If Ibra now plays well and also give trophies to the culés, well that would be another monument... But let's not take credit away from the one who's not there anymore just to be able to talk positively about the new one. And we shouldn't ask Ibrahimovic to score two goals each game either. He should be given time to adapt to the system, the team-mates, the club, the city...

Another treble is possible?
I would like it but people from the world of football know how difficult it is. I was part of one of the best teams in the history of Barcelona and we didn't win one treble. Now they've already won the two super cups. This team has a winning spirit, a good mentality, with good players, a good coach, but...

But? is no mathematics and two and two is not four. If that was the case, Real Madrid would be the next champion. With all that money, all those names, with so many cracks, that's the end of it, period, you shouldn't have to play any more competitions. But it's not like that, so we shouldn't put even more pressure on the team nor expect that Barça will again win everything just like that.

So we shouldn't worry about Real Madrid?
Yes, you should worry, but you shouldn't get obsessed. We have to continue with our own thing because if we keep the same line, it will be difficult for the galaxy to beat us. Ronaldo, Kaká, Benzema are great but Messi, Xavi and Iniesta are better. Right?

I guess so, yes. When do you return to Catalonia?
I won't be able to leave South Africa until Christmas. But I'm already looking forward to it!

What about returning to Barça?
I also would want that! I didn't have the chance so far but you never know what can happen in the future. I would like to and if it would be possible, fantastic, but if not, we continue with other things. Being inside or outside the club, I'm a Barça fan.

What do you think about the transfer of Chygrynskiy?
Great. Guardiola proves that he has courage because it's very easy to sign Ibra but it's more complicated with a Ukrainian boy of 22 years old, not known by many people. I congratulate Pep for the chance he's giving Dimitro.

What would you advise him?
His story reminds me my own. I also arrived in Barcelona being very young but with a lot of desire to conquer the world. He's from the East, which means he has character and I am sure he will succeed. I would advise him that he opens his eyes, listens and works.

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SJP said...

gotta love stoichkov, if chygry achieves half as much success with barca as he did i'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

have you heard
chelsea is banned from signing new players for the next two seasons

TGAMIR10 said...

Seriously anony??????????????????????

groga said...

Perfect summary of the Eto'o-Ibrahimovic discussion: Eto'o has aleady deserved his statue, Zlatan still has to deserve it.

You gotta love Hristo. This guy bleeds football and bleeds Barça

BilalBarçaBelgium said...


Hahahah :D Hope the current chelsea players will sign their contractrenewals otherwise, they'll have a squad with just 11 players :p haha

frett said...

Who cares about Chelsea, really...

Harshawardhan said...

What about returning to Narça?
typo.. hehe

pep said...

Thanks, Harsh, changed that!

SJP said...

haven't fiorentina reported united too? should help protect our youth players, EPL fans will again scream conspiracy!

fcbee said...

Guess there will be an appeal first, so let's see what that brings.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we won't get punished. Fontas for example is not a youth product. He came 2 years ago from a smaller club. It is not only english clubs that poach, let us be honest here.

Anonymous said...

the Fontas thing is strange, I thought we lost Cesc because we couldn't offer him a contract as he was under age.

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