Friday 4 September 2009

Getafe-Barcelona kicks off at Saturday 12, 6 pm

The kick off time for Barcelona's second league game of the 2009-2010 season has been announced earlier today. Barcelona will play away against Getafe on Saturday 12 september at 6 pm.

Saturday 12
18.00 Getafe-Barcelona
18.00 Atlético Madrid-Racing
20.00 Espanyol-Real Madrid
22.00 Sevilla-Zaragoza

Sunday 13
17.00 Deportivo-Málaga
17.00 Villarreal-Mallorca
17.00 Tenerife-Osasuna
17.00 Sporting-Almería
19.00 Valladolid-Valencia
21.00 Xerez-Athletic Club


Anonymous said...

damn...messi can't start next week again!
i prefer we play on sunday.

fcbee said...

Barcelona asked to play on Saturday with the Inter game coming up.

Harsha said...

good decision... more time for inter match. Somehow i get the feeling that madrid are going to draw/lose against espanyol!

westinho said...

Is there always going to be matches played 18.00 on saturdays from now on? That would be great..

Harshawardhan said...

how much is that in US time?

Ono said...

what, you cant count it yourself?

Americans, what did I even expected?

Anonymous said...

Harsh, Barcelona is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time... so it will be 12pm, 11am, 10am ,or 9am depending on where you live...

Ono - fuck off... and your English sucks.

tero said...

All you have to remember is that how many hours your time zone is ahead/behind the time zone where the game is played (Spain)...18.00 local time is fine for me

TGAMIR10 said...

FINALLY! A match that will be held in the afternoon. Yeay!!At Michigan, this is 12PM.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone here from India shed some light on why they didn't show the first round of la liga on ESPN STAR. I was so desperate I had to listen to Radio Barca on the net for live commentary.

Any rights issues. Will they be sorted soon?

I heard there's a channel SUPERSPORT that shows all games from all leagues.

Should I get that one if ESPN STAR aren't telecasting the entire la liga season.


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