Tuesday 25 August 2009

Contract of Jorquera rescinded

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the contract of Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30) has been rescinded earlier today.

Jorquera wouldn't have taken part in this afternoon's training session but together with his agent, he reportedly met with Barcelona officals at the club's offices to discuss his exit.

Because he won't have playing minutes this season and as a reward for his services to the club, Barcelona would have agreed to let Jorquera leave for free because that way it will be easier for the goalkeeper, whose contract expires next year, to find a new club. Spanish second division club Girona would at this moment be the most interested team.

update: Girona has this evening officially confirmed that they are talking with Jorquera, that the contract of the Catalan goalkeeper with Barcelona has been rescinded and that the negotiations between Jorquera and Girona are well-advanced. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that only the paper work is left and that Jorquera could join Girona in the coming hours.

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Jorquera could leave for free


Tohar Investment Limited said...

yes the best way for ojer to get a chance.
thanx for the services joquera,we will always remember u. (if this is true).

The_Greek said...

No we won't :P

albert said...

ugly side of football.
Be anything but not a loser

SJP said...

every player in the squad contributes, maybe not in goals but in keeping a good atmosphere in the team, people need to realise that not every player is a messi. hope he gets a good club.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your loyality and good luck, Albert.

skanjos said...

this shows the lvl of jorquera,face it the top team that wants him is a b league team..... he didnt deserve a spot in the team period.this spot should have been to a young keeper.

Anonymous said...

It's official, he's signed for Girona.

barca4life said...

He was our reserve keeper until pinto joined season before last when jorquera suffered an injury. Should we have dumped him while he was injured? Are we that money hungry and heartless that we are willing to throw players that have shown us loyalty under the bus as soon as they get injured or a little long in the tooth?

Instinct said...

Apparently not or we would have done that to Milito.

tero said...

Even you have to admit that Jorquera has become a liability to Barca.I'm happy he's going to leave

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