Monday, 31 August 2009

Barcelona option for left back Jose Enrique

Speaking to North East England regional newspaper Sunday Sun, Newcastle United left back defender José Enrique Sánchez (23) has said that he doesn't plan to leave the English club:

"All the time I read in the papers that I will go here or there, but I'm happy here. I want to get this club back into the Premier League because I think we can get back there.

I listen to talk about a lot of players coming and going but I want to stay. Everything here is great, except we now play in the Championship! I was happy at Villarreal but I preferred to sign for Newcastle. They offered me a better contract and there were many famous names here, Michael Owen, Oba Martins and others.

I thought I would be playing Champions League football here, now I play in the Championship. It's strange! But I like to think I can still play in the Champions League one day with Newcastle. Yes, I'm like any other player: if Barcelona came for me, of course I would want to go.

In reality though, I want to play for Newcastle, and I know that if I want to play in the Champions League, we'll have to get back to the Premier League. Of course, we have to get out of the Championship first, and the teams in this division play a different type of football.

The Premier League is a harder challenge, but this is a different challenge. There are more quick balls played straight up to the strikers. It's similar to the Premier League in some ways, but with worse players. We have a similar team here to last year, and our players are better than other players in the Championship, so I think we can get promoted."

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Gelson said...

why would we need another left back?!?!

Brimwa said...

cuz maxwell can play as a winger. so maybe this is speculations or maybe its an option...

Harsha said...

i hate this guy's attitude... i don't wish him much luck

Shokir said...

you play in Newcastle why would Barcelona sign you ! This is rubbish .

tech4me said...

There seems to be some confusion by some of the readers... first, we don't need a left back and second, no one ever said that Barcelona was interested in him... third, he wasn't suggesting that they were. It's just a simple statement that he made... hypothetical, nothing else.

tero said...

just a stupid rumour,this guy has no quality at all

E6 said...

We don`t need him. Next year we will sign Filipe for cheap money and sell Abidal.

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