Monday, 1 September 2008

Defeat won't lead to last-minute transfer

Asked about the influence of the first defeat of the season on the transfer activity, Barcelona sports director Txiki begiristain has said to journalists yesterday that the club won't change its plan not to re-enter the transfer market this summer:

"That we have lost doesn't mean we will sign a new player. We shouldn't get nervous because of one game. At the start of the season we should be patient and calm."

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Anonymous said...


It is this complacency that has resulted in 2yrs without success. We r like every empire that is in/or has declined, we hold onto false ideals and hopes. Justifying it with excuses and always saying not to over react. Playing a beautiful game is one thing, but results r even more important.

Anonymous said...

We still can use Caceres as the left back and Sylvinho as backup because Abidal is out-of-form for now. For the left wing we got Iniesta or Pedro but please don't put Henry anymore 'cause I don't wanna keep believing he'll be great again while he's not! What we really need is a good goal keeper! Please wake up Txiki!!

Ramzi said...

Thanx Txiki!Thats what i want to hear!

Anonymous said...

After seein that display last night we should more than worry Txiki, and you know it. But you are to stupid and stuborn to admit it. Everyone can see that we don't have a working left wing.

Just do all Barcelona fans a favour and resign Txiki because you're certainly isn't the right man for this job.

Anonymous said...

i dont think barca need to sacrifice the 'beautiful game' in order to get results, but they do need to have multiple options to play their beautiful game.

more and more teams are turning towards defence orientated play, especially against the few teams, like us and arsenal, who are attack minded. barca need to stay offensive but have different options on how to push forward offensively. if they are not going to buy a 'quick-fix' then we have to use what we have and be patient.

we have enough versitility in the squad to be able to cope when teams play like numancia did (not knocking them it was the best performance in the history of the club, but even a supposedly attacking side like man u plays that way against us). we need more width, especially if messi is going to continue to roam. i think they should have a go to plan when temas play 10 behind the ball something like this
-alves, puyol, pique, sylvinho
-hleb, xavi/messi, pedro/iniesta
-etoo, henry/messi

pique should start all games, caceres should probably start but use sylvinho when attack needed. hleb and preferably pedro should hug the touchlines, that automatically spreads the defence then xavi/messi/henry/etoo need to improve their movement off the ball and drag defenders around not allowing the two banks of four.

the 4-3-3 can be successful if we can get early goals, so need to go hell for leather at the begining of matches, but if we do play against 10 men behind the ball have alternatives like that mentioned above or just some variatin and really work on improving the off ball movement. last night was a real kick in the balls for guardiola and remebering him as a player if he was kicked in the balls he'd get up and kick them back twice as hard, thats what i wanna see from the WHOLE team now.

cojonudo said...

I'm not surprised to hear this. What else would you expect Txiki to say? He is trying to exhibit a sense of calm right now and not trying to unsettle the players or the coaching staff with rumors or "threats" that reinforcements are on their way.

Pep just has to work with what he has. Sure in an ideal world a "true" left winger on the club wouldn't hurt, but how many clubs would give an arm and a leg to have even half the talent that Barcelona possesses. So I don't think you are going to find a lot of sympathisers out there.

At least Pep's got two weeks now to figure things out. And if the players felt that Pep was too hard on them and demanding in preseason they haven't seen nothing yet!

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