Monday, 31 August 2009

OFFICIAL: Henrique to Racing on loan

Racing Santander has today officially announced the transfer of Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22).

The Brazilian centre-back will join the Spanish first division club on a one-year loan.

Barcelona has meanwhile officially confirmed the deal, adding that Racing will pay his full salary of
Henrique, who joined Barcelona in the summer of 2008 and played last season on loan with German first division club Bayer Leverkusen.

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tech4me said...


Tohar Investment Limited said...

why loan this guy? but i think its the best for him cos i think pep never likes him.i dont ever know why he prefeer fontas and muniesa over this guy (though i respesct them both) but i think has been ready to play for us.
i wish u the best season in satander and i promise i wil try to follow the progress of my boy as i had been doing with keirrison.
pls pep,give us the update of all our loaned out players pls.
hleb,caceres,botia,sanchez(since we can buy him back),keirrison and now henrique

barca nike said...

i have a feeling that Henrique will never have a chance to play for Barca.

barca4life said...

You guys are too impatient. Henrique by all accounts had a good first season in europe with leverkusen, but just because you can play for leverkusen doesnt mean you are ready for barca, do you think pique just jumped out of bed one day ready to play for barca? No he went to man u from there he went on loan to zaragoza and learned his craft alongside gabby milito. Hopefully Henrique goes the same route and returns to Barca a better player ready for the first team.

Anonymous said...

any hope for this guy? looks like another Caceres case.

At least Caceres had the time needed to impress though. This guy never really had the chance.

Iason said...

Future Defense:

Montoya (Dalmau) Pique (Chiggy) Muniesa (Fontas, Botia) and Henrique and Caceres can be our LB's. I think Caceres and Henrique can have a future at this club.

tero said...

I agree,Iason.They need more experience at high level football

Anonymous said...

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