Sunday 30 August 2009

Henrique loan to Racing to be announced today

Several Spanish and Catalan media claim that the loan of Barcelona central defender Henrique Adriano Buss (22) to Racing Santander will be officially announced today, or at the latest tomorrow (read more here).

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Henrique has accepted the offer of Racing Santander after it became clear that he would not have a lot of playing time at Barcelona this season. Racing would pay 95 per cent of the salary of the Brazilian centre-back, with Barcelona paying some of the contract variables.

Read more:
Deal on loan Henrique to Racing Santander


Anonymous said...

I hope he becomes the best defender of La Liga this year.

HouseMD said...

So, I still can't understand what was the point of buying him and Caceres if they haven't a place in the squad. Overall price for these 2 players was 30M! I just hope that Chygrinskiy isn't another Henrique or Caceres. He didn't impress in the last game at all.

Anonymous said...

Henrique isnt good enough (wasted money, dont understand why we were going for an avarage brazilian league defender), Caceres has the talent and should have been given another chance.

As for Chygrynskiy and his last game, I found him interesting. But he needs to play with someone fast, playing Chygrynskiy-Marquez could cause troubles.

groga said...

His speed could indeed be a problem while speed seems to me one of the main qualities a Barcelona defender should have with the opponents almost always playing the coutner-attack. Guardiola nevertheless seems to give more importance to technical qualities. That's why Caceres won't return next year.

tero said...

Well Pique isn't a rocket either...It's important to him get much playing time in La liga and Racing is a good place to get responsibility

barca4life said...

People always need to put down others to feel good and its mostly people who dont put their names behind their comments. Henrique isnt good enough? Why dont we see how he does in la liga before we just throw him away and say he is no good? Do you think pique just woke up one morning a great defender? He went to man utd but he also went on loan at zaragoza to continue to learn his trade alongside gabby milito. Hopefully Henrique continues his progress (because from all acounts he was a success in germany with leverkusen)
and continues to grow as a defender. Same with Caceres, i hope he impresses in Italy and he has already stated that he wants to come back to barca

hawk_barca_4_life said...

well said barca4life ..... henrique needs time and liga exposure ... and not all young players make up to first 11 even if they make it to first team during there first few years he can become a good back up if not for first 11....though i believe he will return stronger!!!

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