Monday 31 August 2009

The Front: Sport


He likes literature and movies and he hates nightclubs

He never drinks alcohol

He is normally the first one to arrive for training

He doesn't like sports cars

His friends call him Jesus Christ

The champion starts today

Barça-Sporting - 22 pm


Sachincule said...

looks like a big nerd :p

Mr.D said...

there was "Messi"ah in the club, now Jesus has arrived to Futbol Club Barcelona!

MiDO H. said...

hahaha jesus christ !! LoooooooooL

bosnian_likes_barca said...

And we should buy Abraham hehe, Ibrahim (Abraham) Afellay

Anonymous said...

we already have ibrahim in

Dvir said...

I think I like this man.

Barca nerd-fan said...

seems like a true professional.

Unknown said...

You guys are gonna love him. He is perfectly made to fit in Barca

mario ch said...

what would you guys would have told if we had brought tevez or ribery ((oh a alien or a monster,etc...)
but this guy will be real quality, i guess

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