Monday, 31 August 2009

Barral (Sporting Gijon): "We have our chances"

Speaking to Madrid sports tabloid Marca, Sporting Gijón forward David Barral commented on tonight's league game against Barcelona:

"Looking at what happened to Barcelona in their first game against Numancia last season, we have some hope to meet them a bit unfocused after the super cup games. We have our chances. They are little, but we have them."


tero said...

Keep dreaming,pal.

brazo said...

maybe valdes will fall asleep during the game because he is so bored and then they score a goal... or not?

Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned that it was possible to watch the game for free, could someoen please tell me were

Anonymous said...


brazo said...

you can watch a livestream @

its top quality and german commentation

Unknown said...

Guys please respect all our opponents

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