Friday, 6 March 2009

Barcelona president opens door for Cesc return

Asked about a possible return of Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (21) (read more here), Barcelona president Joan Laporta has suggested in an interview with Spanish radio station Radio Punto that the club is interested in the Catalan player:

"Cesc was born here and grew up in our youth academy. He has the Barça DNA, our way of playing, the passing football.
We always go for the victory, we have an aestetical idea about football and that plays a decisive role. Players like Iniesta, Cesc, Xavi, Busquets, Bojan... all the youth players have that same idea. Does that mean we will sign Cesc? I don't know, that depends on the technical staff."

Asked about Cesc's statements that he would consider a transfer if Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger would leave the club (read more here), the French coach said at a press conference that he hopes that the player will stay longer than him with the English Premier League club:

"I hope his future will last longer than mine because I think he can still be here in ten years. He should be one of the bases of this club. I think the club should be built around personalities like Cesc and that’s why I hope he will still be here. He was born in 1987 and he is 22 years old in 2009 and at 32 he will still play."

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noubarca said...

Very diplomatic.

Arsenal fan might develop heart attack over this. am off to thier forum with Larpota's quote. Dont get me wrong, i am not advocationg that we bring him, Cesc back now, but just to taunt AFC call me trouble!!!

lawrenzo said...

well, i don't we really need him but he will surely be a great addition,he will be creativity to the midfield and he is a good passer of the ball than yaya and Keita, he has dribbling ability and has long range shots as well(eg is the champions league against milan)but Irrespective of the number of top notch players we sign we will be doing nothing if we don't find a better option with goalkeeping. valdes is the worst goalkeeper in the laliga and whther txiki or laporta refused to accept it in public they know he is simply not the best to be in our posts.We lose certain games simply because of his wrong judgements, All the same i pray we start our winning ways again,Visca Barca

noubarca said...

i think since we have decided to play Ini on the left (LF), Xavi needs someone to share his duties with. Cesc would be good but am not sure of the price, Diego of Bremen would be good too.

But if we get say ribery for the LF position, iniesta can cover for Xavi as CM and Ribery as LF. so Cecn can chill in London.

R10FCB said...

I would love to see keita out and cesc in. with sergi and yaya got the defensive midfield covered and also pique and marquez can play there we will have iniesta, fabregas and xavi covering the midfield.

Dani Puyol Pique Abidal
Fabregas Xavi
Messi Ribery/Silva

Iniesta can cover both midfield and left wing in a rotation system each game.

Thats my opinion.

Amar said...

the only reason y i wud want fabregas is becuz he can b a supersub and he can fill in when iniesta is injured. he is spanish. it will be good to have him around when fifa implements the 6+5 rule. but then again we have to think about gai assulin and thiago alcantara. i dont want them loaned out. seriously i dont see fabregas coming. barca doesnt need him. but he needs barca.

Marc4barca said...

are people forgetting that cesc is barca youth player just like gai with amass amount of experience if anyone gets to be in the first team u can bet its cesc.. not saying i want him though cause i don't see how he fits in the team unless xavi is willing to play bench role cause they do play the same, xavi is the better passer and cesc is more technical and faster and definitely a better shot than xavi but i still prefer xavi cause we already have iiesta in midfield so putting cesc to partner him won't be as effective as xavi, buying cesc also comes down to whether we buy ribery or silva and i can assure u benzema is a barca player if we loan bojan to lyon for 3years, we really need him cause eto'o will be out for january for african cup of nations and ribery if we put hleb in the deal but knowing barcelona if we win la liga their will be few changes. one question for everyone, if ronaldo was to change his mind and decided he wants to join barcelona would u be happy, excited or pissed off., for me it depends on if he plays the same way as in manu or better cause i'm not one of those cristiano haters cause he is a good footballer and he is a target for referees but i think he would do good in barca. with messi on the other flank it'll be hard for teams to defend them both and by the end of the first half the opposing team would feel like they played two matches with all that running.

HouseMD said...

If Barca can get him easier and cheaper than Silva or Ribery, it would be great. But I don't think Wenger will let him go so easily. Let's stay focus on Primera for now, transfer summer will come very soon.

I can't finish my post without my prediction for the next season :)


SJP said...

cesc is my favourite player outside of barca, but i would rather they waited a year or two, or even three before bringing him in. by then xavi will be around thirty and we can make a smooth trnsition from xavi to cesc. he wont take a subs role as he is by far and away the star of arsenal. love the thought of him in blaugrana but not for a couple of years.

mike... said...

Sorry, I have to laugh at lawrenzo... I know Valdés has been off lately, but right now he's still set to win the Zamora. To say he is the worst in La Liga is a joke.


Wow with Cesc wanting to return this could be one of our best opportunies for a replacement for Xavi in the next 2 or 3 years if he wants to retire. He is still so young right now with loads of experience.

SimonP said...

As far as I know Fabregas signed a 8-year deal in 2006. So this summer he should be able to buy out his way of the contract due to the webster-ruling. Assuming he earns 4-5 million a year he would only cost us around 20 million.

I know big clubs usually don't use the webster-ruling but considering that Arsenal poached Fabregas from us I think anything is fair.

AJ said...

not anytime soon. oh no. Eventhough finding Xavi's successor is very important, Cesc doesn't have to be him. Since Cesc is homegrown, trained with us for a long time, a Masia product and all, I reckon it'd take him virtually no time to 'adapt' to us. So, in that case, we would only need to purchase him in say, another 2 years? And by that time, his stock would have risen and I believe by that time the Marc Crosas deal would have come to an end and to a decision. If Marc has shown progress/success there to prove he IS Xavi's successor, I'd rather go for Marc than Cesc. IMO by then, Marc would be a far greater champion than Cesc.

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