Saturday, 7 March 2009

Barça B - Statistics 08-09: Goals, assists, cards

8 Maric
5 Pedro
4 Jeffren
2 Rochina
2 Abraham
2 Gai
2 Nolito
2 Botia
2 Longás
2 Benja
1 Verdés
1 Víctor Sánchez
1 Xavi Torres
1 Rueda

6 Víctor Vázquez
3 Nolito
2 Gai
2 Longás
2 Maric
2 Jeffren
1 Botia
1 Thiago
1 Abraham
1 Benja
1 Pedro

yellow cards
11 Verdés
7 Nolito
7 Abraham
6 Joni
6 Víctor Vázquez
5 Botia
5 Longás
5 Corcoles
4 Xavi Torres
4 Maric
3 Rueda
3 Miño
2 Rochina
2 Gai
2 Víctor Sanchez
1 Pedro
1 Jeffren
1 Oier
1 Espasandín
1 Thiago

red cards
2 Abraham
2 Verdés
1 Corcoles
1 Xavi Torres
1 Longás
1 Víctor Sánchez
1 Botia
1 Nolito

Barcelona Atlétic has played 27 official games


kamikaze kontiki said...

After 27 games Pedro has only 1 assist??? Doesn't he play as a winger for Barca Athletic ?

krankl said...

for most of the season pedro was with the First team he din´t play all games for the athletic team.

and i think pep did´nt notice all assists because there are a few more goals than assists...

iason said...

Are there anymore up and coming stars in the FC Barcelona B team right now? Marc Crosas plays in Xavi's position right? In that case, he wont be playing regularly for another 3-5 years, he looks a lot like Pep Guardiola though! Sergio Busquets doesn't play in the B team and neither does Bojan, but I wish he did play a little more with them, to test his progress. I don't think Pedro will ever be a first team regular but I hope I'm wrong. And what's with all the hype of Gai???? I heard he isn't even a regular for the B team and people are talking more about him than they were about Messi 5 years ago! He has only scored twice and has only given 2 assists. As much as I hate to say this, hiring Pep G. as manager this season was a mistake. This season, we needed someone with a vast amount of experience like Mourinho who knows exactly which players to buy for every position and rebuild the squad and next season when everyone was settled, we hire Pep G. who knows which players from the youth teams to trust. If he stayed with Barcelona B for one more season, he would have guided them to La Segunda B which is where they would really improve and Pep would get that little bit more of experience for next season when he would come to FC Barcelona A. This way, he wouldn't have to deal with the pressure of putting together the puzzle that was Barcelona last season.

AJ said...

To iason:

Sure Pep was a little inexperienced when we hired him as Head Coach of the first team, but we have also witnessed how different Pep is from your everyday manager when he took the B team to Segunda Liga B. Besides, Pep is homegrown, not just by nationality or regionality, but also by the fact that he has been with us for ages. He knows the club inside out, Mr. Barcelona if you like.

I don't know why Marc Crosas was mentioned by you, but yeah, he plays in Xavi's position.... in Celtic!

There is no point in playing Bojan in Segunda Liga B. Yup he's that good.

I think you're right about Pedro and I too hope you're wrong.

I dont think so Messi was anywhere much 5 years ago mate. Gai is 17 and plays quite a number of games for the B team, and if I'm not mistaken, gets injured quite a lot, hence the lack of statistical proof of his other-worldly talents be they goal getting or assist providing. They say the only reason why he's not in the first team is due to nationality/passport issues. Should be rectified between 1 week to 1 month from what I hear.

barca4life said...

How can you say hiring guardiola was a mistake when we are 6 points clear in the league, into the cup final and in a good position to make a run in the champions league? I wanted mourinho i admit,but once guardiola got appointed i said lets give him some time and see what he can do and he hasnt dissapointed so far.
As for gai, i think he can be the answer to our left wing.he looks very skillful from the video i have seen very much like a young messi if you look up clips of leo's yth. Also i think its a rule that once you are registered with the first team, you cant play for the b team or something to that effect. Finally, i have seen pedro, but honestly i think jeffren may be the one to get into the squad if one of them ever does. Thiago Jeffren Gai Gerard Deulofeu and Mauro Icardi. Keep an eye on these youngssters if you want to know about barcelona talent.

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