Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Crosas focusing on Celtic for now

Asked about the buy-back clause that was agreed when he left Barcelona last summer, Celtic Glasgow midfielder Marc Crosas (21) has said in an interview with Scottish tabloid The Scottish Sun that he's totally focusing on Celtic at this moment:

"I am not thinking ahead too far. Barcelona have the option to take me back, but that means nothing to me. Now I am a Celtic player and I’m happy about that. I feel I need to show the fans and the people at the club what I can do. There is a manager I want to impress and show I am a good player, and that’s Gordon Strachan.

I am only 21, but I am not thinking to the future. It is true you want to play in your own country and be a big player there, that is only natural. But professionals play abroad in other countries and I am really happy in Scotland. I am not learning my football in Scotland to be a better player in Spain. I am learning to be a better player to do well at Celtic. Going back to Spain or Barcelona is not something I am thinking about.

I'm glad I have recovered from the hamstring injury. The injury was very difficult to cope with for me. When you are in another country, and alone, it is not easy. If you are playing every day in training and in the games then you are happy. It was really difficult for me to be out for two months, although it maybe gave me time to think about things. It means I am enjoying the games more now I am fit again. I appreciate things more than ever.

It’s been a difficult season so far. At the beginning it was tough for me to settle into my life in Scotland. I was in a city I didn’t know, with a language which was totally new to me. But I am friends with the Rangers player Aaron Niguez. I have a good relationship with him off the pitch, but not on it!

I played with Aaron in the Spanish youth teams four of five years ago. He is in Scotland with his girlfriend, but his situation has been quite similar to mine. He has started out in a new country just like me, and it’s not been easy for him either. I felt happy when I was in the team, but the injury set me back. For those two months it was really hard, but I got through it."

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