Friday, 6 March 2009

Barça Classic: Man United-Barcelona (sep-nov 1999)


ekar said...

holy crap what a match!!!
12 goals in 2 matches!

Ratty88 said...

dang rivaldo what a joy to watch. wish i had the channels to watch this live back then

kamikaze kontiki said...

Didn't we perform terribly in the CL that season?

I used to love Sergi's runs at LB.

hmm... barca4life, are you sure you didn't have a vested interest by the name of Dwight Yorke in picking this one ? :)

skanjos said...

watching figo again in barcelona shirt,i will always remember him wearing the madrid shirt dont know why(and offcourse will remember the johhny walker red laber thrown at him in camp nou),......

damn how the years have passed.
also rivaldo man what a player.i still remember the hat trick against valencia
great addition pep i look forward to more classic games highlights

barca4life said...

LOL kamikaze.

barca4life said...

Oh and yes barca went out in the first round of the champions league that year but consider who our other group opponents were, the two finalists from that year man utd and bayern munich

zairus fadzli said...

barcelona valencia 2001
that is one of barca classical moments
i always cried remembering that match and watching it from youtube
tho i missed the game

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