Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Guardiola not planning to renew his contract

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola (38) doesn't plan to extend his contract that expires in the summer of 2010 (read more here).

The Catalan coach would want to win as many trophies as possible in his two years at Barcelona before leaving in search of new challenges.

Only if former Barcelona sports vice-president Sandro Rosell, who announced last summer his intention to join the race for the presidency next year, would be elected as new Barcelona president in the spring of 2010, Guardiola could change his mind and stay longer at the club.

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JR said...

"Madrid sports tabloid As claims..."

so basically "What you're about to read in this article about Barcelona is bullshit we have made up right here on the spot..."

barca4life said...

LOL. AS. They should rename their paper ASS. LOL

barSELOna said...

fuck AS

Ramzi said...

Its true AS is not reliable. But he announced that himself many times.
I think he is keeping in mind that there will be elections two years from now, and he want to wait till a new board take place to figure out the plans of the new project.
Or may be he aims to become the sport director in the new board?

I have a soft heart toward him, so always wishing him the best. He is an added value in this club.

barca4life said...

True ramzi a new board usually brings their own ideas. I do like the idea of 1 seven year term as opposed to 2 four year terms. That allows for more continuity, however i do wish laporta could continue. I know i was angry at him at times during the last 8 years but overall i am very happy with what he has done for barcelona. I suppose its good to have term limits but it seems a shame that he should have to quit now.

noubarca said...

didnt bother reading it. AS claims... the rest can only get worse

noubarca said...

didnt bother reading it. AS claims... the rest can only get worse

Anonymous said...

i wish he'd stay. i have so much respect for this guy! i wish he could really win something and not feel ashamed to stay cos i think pep is full of chivalry you know. if this project of his fails he will leave and pave the way for others to do better things for his beloved team.

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