Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Transfer of Aguero is well underway

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona wants to sign Atlético Madrid forward and Argentinian international Sergio 'Kun' Agüero (20) next summer.

Barcelona president Joan Laporta, who will leave the club in 2010, would want to leave a heritage and thinks the best way to do this is buying someone who will be a key player for years to come.

The whole transfer operation would already be well underway and Barcelona could already have reached a personal agreement with the Argentinian striker (read more

Barcelona would pay the transfer of Agüero partly with cash and partly with a two-year loan of Coritiba forward and Brazilian youth international Keirrison de Souza Carneiro (20), whom Barcelona will sign in a few months time thanks to the good relations with his agency Traffic (read more here), to Atlético Madrid.

The arrival of Agüero could also lead to the exit of Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o in the summer of 2009 and to Barcelona switching to a 4-4-2 system as of next season.

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Marcus said...

Are you kidding me? We going to sign Aguero partly with cash and a player, that we don't have sign, on a two-year loan?

AND then sell our best goalscorer so far this season and change our system, that's use thru all our teams in the youth system, because Laporta wants to leave a heritage in the club?

It's not enough witch the titles he have won, the huge economic uplift or the magic the team has given fans?

Subramanian said...

I feel this is a good move.Aguero is a much better than entering into a money war with Madrid for Benzema.Aguero and Messi can rape everyone to shreds and their style is also very very different.Could be a dream for us all.

Keirrison's loaning is also a great idea,if it materialises.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Could Agüero play on the left wing?

Waleed said...

the best part was about switching to 4-4-2 !! unless Laporta is intended to murder Cruyf, it'd be easier to change the club name than doing this.
the holidays driving sport crazy, like all of us!

Anonymous said...

442? thats a psorts magazine! lol. i love our present style

Anonymous said...

sports magazine**

Anonymous said...

Barca and 4-4-3 is like a chatolic marriage. No really good chance to change this tradition.
But Kun can play in left position too.
Kun-The lion-Messi.
Jesus, it is almost a dream.

Henry for sell and Kun to Barca.

But maybe it can lead to personal problems between Messi and Kun.
A kind of competetive "who is best"??

Anonymous said...

4-3-3 of course
and not 4-4-3 :)

Anonymous said...

Also according to Sport, there is a cure for cancer, elves bring babies, and gnomes do our laundry while we're sleep.

Sorry, but I'm calling BS on this one. There has been absolutely no sign of anything such as this in the offing, and given the number of people who would need to be involved, there is no way a deal such as this one would be kept secret.

Never mind that I would prefer Eto'o over Aguero. But with Messi, Aguero and Iniesta we would definitely have the shortest front line in the Liga.

Never mind that I'm not completely sold on the idea of Aguero as our striker, even if Eto'o is sold. For the kind of dosh that it's going to take to do that deal, why not go for Benzema? I rather imagine that both players are going to be in the same ballpark, price-wise, but Aguero is about as good as he's going to get, IMHO. Benzema's upside is enormous.

Barca nerd-fan said...

Please don't change Barca's tradition formation. 4-3-3 is the best formation for Barca, we try to dominate the midfield remember. This creates the artistic football of Barca, how they dominate the midfield, breaking down opponents defence is just amazing!!!

I would love to see Kun joining Barca. This doesn't mean Eto'o exit. Kun can play left wing. i know he isn't a natural left winger, But neither is Messi a natural right winger in the begining, Messi still manage to play there, so i don't see why Kun can't with all his ability. And we can rotate Eto'o and Kun during the game remember. Imagine another "Messi kind of player" on our left flank. We could destroy any team.

And FCB... I don't think there will be a problem between Messi and Aguero because they are great friends and messi doesn't like to boast. I think Kun will just be another reason for Messi to stay with Barca.

harees said...

hey pep is this news is a rumour or true man

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is a rumor, no doubt. Don't believe it. They just have nothing better to report so they make up far fetched stories. I don't think we'll get Aguero and neither Keirrison and also, to switch to a 4-4-2 system is not going to happen. We haven't played that type of system in ages and I highly doubt that it will happen now.

Anonymous said...

I know laporta supposedly wants to make some big buys to secure the clubs future but lets look at the pros and cons.

On the positive side its aguero, we all know the posibilities that a player like him brings. He is young and is accustomed to lining up with messi for argentina. Also he is an atletico player so a dislike for madrid already exists (in fact he said he would never ever join real madrid - always a good statment for a barca target to make)

On the negative side. Its likely to cost his buyout clause of 55 million euros. He might stunt the growth of our young players such as bojan pedro jeffren and gai. I have also seen some argentina games where messi and aguero together havent looked that spectacular as well. Also he would have to play on the left unless etoo left of we did change formation and while he is talented enough to do it, i dont think its his best position.

I'm not as sure as others about benzema, but i also heard that el presidente wanted cesc and benzema in the summer. To tell the truth i'd rather we get cesc and move iniesta to the left flank (he started his career as a foward, i think he can be amazing if we moved him there). I read somewhere that iniesta is barca's kaka and i think a more advanced role could really bring out the best in him.
Overall if we have money to spend i'd rather go for cesc since we seem to have many young talented wingers such as pedro gai jeffren and other coming though and players like cesc that can dictate the pace of a game are hard to find.

Anonymous said...

you know what would be awesome, if we had messi on the right, aguero on the left and benzema in the center

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