Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hleb's first interview

New Barcelona attacker Alexander Hleb gave an exclusive interview to the club's official media. Some quotes:

What does coming to Barça mean to you?
It’s a great opportunity for me. Since I was 7 my dream has been to play for a big club like Barça. I love Barça and I want to do my very best to try to win as many titles as possible.

You can play just about anywhere, but which position do you prefer?
I really don’t mind where I play – wherever the coach tells me. I learnt a lot at Arsenal from Arsène Wenger. He taught me to play in different positions and now I can play anywhere.

We’ve seen you shooting well with both feet. Are you left or right-footed?
I’m right-footed, but now I think now I shoot better with the left because I’m always practising shooting and passing with it.

Barcelona and Arsenal met in the Champions League final in Paris in 2006, when you were with Arsenal. What do you remember about that day?
Well, it’s a really important game in my life. We lost, but it was a great match. Now I hope I can win the Champions League with Barça.

You starred in the Bundesliga and the EPL, and now you’re in Spain. What do you know about the Spanish League?
It’s a tough League with high class football. We’ll see what I can do. I hope to be able to play and score a lot of goals. I really want the team to win titles.

At Barça you’ll meet up again with Henry.
Yeah, he’s my mate. We spent two years together. We understand each other and I’m real pleased to be back with him.

People have said a lot about how well you get on with Cesc Fábregas. What’s he told you about your new club?
He’s told me lots of things, his time in the academy with players like Piqué, Messi and so on. He loves this club, and though he’s at Arsenal, who knows, maybe one day he’ll come back here.

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Anonymous said...

Hleb is great but he has much responsibility now cause he is gona play in dinhos position and hes no dinho but i hope he can do hes best . LAMI

Anonymous said...

I mean for a big club like Barca where great players always get injured, multi-talented and flexible players like Iniesta and Hleb will be extremely handy. IF they don't get injured, of course lol

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why people keep thinking that Hleb will replace Ronnie (or at least his position). Hleb is being brought in as a very versatile bench player, I doubt he will start many games unless he really impresses when he plays. He is there to provide cover for pretty much any attacking position besides the no 9. Guardiola has already made this clear in Hlebs presentation. He will play a very important part and will provide another option, but I doubt he will start. That is why the club is looking at another left winger to start Ronnies position.

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