Monday, 21 July 2008

Deal with Drogba close

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that there has been some major progress in the negotiations between Barcelona and Chelsea forward and Ivory Coast international Didier Drogba (30) (read more here).

Although Drogba initially would have asked for a four-year contract, there would now be a basic agreement on the duration of the contract and the salary the player will receive. If Chelsea would accept to sit around the table, it seems the striker will move to Barcelona.

Chelsea left yesterday for their pre-season tour of Asia without Drogba. Although the English Premier League club claims that his absence from the trip is due to the need to recover from a knee injury, Drogba's absence raised further questions about his future and an immediate exit.

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Andrezinho said...

I really hope Pep decides to keep Eto´o and plays him along with Drogba next season. 25 goles each!!

Hadi said...

Drogba is the best striker available in the market and those who say he is old should again watch his videos during last season! barca can sign him and the next year add Benzema to their squad and sell barca next season will have both experiance drogba and young benzema and bojan beside him...BEST DESISION SO FAR BY BARCA BOARD...BARCA 4LIFE

Anonymous said...

Yes, Barcelona board, do the same mistake you always do, as last summer with Henry. Buy another 30 years old forward who's dipping in form and now seems to be injury prone. His right knee has been a problem for the whole last season.

Why don't they ever learn?

Anonymous said...

Great signing 100 times better than ade or treze. People seem to forget really fast some kind of f uckin amnezia. He is the most dangerous striker in the world. Last season he was a constant threat for the opposition. There is no beter player that would fit the Number 9 at barca. I really hope this is true and he joins barca.

Anonymous said...

not this diving prick
anyone but drogba
my most hated player
keep eto'o
or if u must sell him buy berbatov
i mean y do we even need a striker?
if we play with three upfront with messi on the right, and hleb/iniesta on the left that means we have henry and bojan in the centre
also guddy if he stays
if anthing we need players that can play wide roles
not a striker

Anonymous said...

Big mistake, same as the last seasons with buying players about 30, why not keeping Eto'o, and the next season purchase Aguero!!!

KluivertsBoots said...

Clearly, Guardiola wants a more traditional center forward and that's why he's going after players like Adebayor and Drogba. The 4-3-3 works better with a target man, in my opinion, especially if when you have goal scoring wide forwards like Messi to make in-runs.

Eto'o is obviously very talented nad has given Barca a lot, but he hasn't been in form since 2006 thanks to injuries and the African CoN.

Anonymous said...

we don't need Drogba. Barca must focus on young and perspective players, such as Aguero, Benzema, Fabregas, Silva. They need to make one or two transfers per season with buying really good players, not shits like Hleb, Drogba, Keyta, Trezegue, Berbatov. I really like the defenders , young and perspective. In mid = Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas (Silva). ATT = Aguero, Messi, Bojan, Benzema --> really dream team!!! Forza Barca

SJP said...

i agree with the comment above, barca should be planning an era like real madrid are, they buy young players that will form a team for many seasons and although i hate to copy the facists i think they have got it right, ade and silva will be more expensive now but can continue to play for another 8-9 years, add benzema and aguero and we create a dynasty. yes drogba would be cheaper but not by much and in two years time we have to go out and spend on another striker, same with arsharvin. not sure the board is thinking long-term enough

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anynoumus,
I really fail to understand you, why hates players like Hleb, Drogbe ...etc without apparent reasons? Despite his age, Drogba is a far better center forward (at this time)than Henry and/Eto'o. He is very aggressive upfront, unlike Henry, Borja ,Eto'o who have lost touch. Henry danced a lot on the left flank last season, Borja is too young to stand pressure from the like John Terry, Cannavaro etc. Eto'o has a big mouth and tempers, u can't discipline him. I won't mind if he stays but I won't cry when he leaves eithr.

Kxevin said...

Yes, and Eto'o (and Messi) have been paragons of health and injury-free vigor, right?

When a team contests on three fronts (Copa, Champions, Liga) or in the case of Drogba four (FA Cup, Carling Cup, League, Champions) without any real backup, of course he is going to show wear and tear. The physical demands on him would be so much less in La Liga, not to mention different defensive styles, etc.

Great signing if it happens. Sport, it must be said, isn't exactly a bastion of reliability.

And I'm not sure that Henry was a mistake. He was as productive as anyone on the front line if you look at the numbers. Did he produce in the totals that he did at Arsenal? No, but be was being played out of position, forced to learn left wing. Even with that, he nailed goals and assists (17/20 in 37 appearances) on a level almost equal with Messi (Henry had one more goal, and 6 fewer assists). This from a player being played, I repeat, out of position. That doesn't even count the goals he helped by drawing defenders and creating space for which a player receives no credit. Never mind his great assistance in the development of Krkic as a pro striker.

I'll take a "mistake" like Henry any day of the week.

A front line of Drogba, Henry and Messi would destroy the Liga, and make me eminently confident for Champions League. Wow. Hope Sport is reliable this time.

Those hoping for a Drogba/Eto'o strike force can forget that one. Eto'o is gone. The only question is where, and Txiki is working like a sled dog to make something happen. Eto'o can scuttle those plans at his own risk.

And I have to say: Keita and Hleb are shit? Wow. That's a true fan's perspective. You do realize that Keita and Hleb help us have one of the best, deepest midfields in the world, right? Think of the club. Same with Drogba. Who would you rather have running at Rio Ferdinand in a Champions League semi-final, Drogba or Aguero?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Does anyone on this post want to win titles?...or is that only me? What are u guys talking about? Every team in the world would want Drogba the guy is strong and can score....i really didnt ant to put this in because it hurts me ...but anyway....rememder his goal when he dragged and left Puyol for dead and then his thunderous shot which left us out of champions League football (or was that group stages) The same ppl who talk of diving still admired Deco...what the heck i'm a barca fan but this guy (Deco) totally overdid it to the point where sometimes he was actually fouled and the referee didnt even bother. Drogba is 100% the right material. In fact to some managers 200% material (buy the way ..that's his own manager who said this "Big Phil") I like young talent but i dont want to wait for 5 seasons to win a trophy when they actually develop and of course the board has to look short term they haven't won anything for 2 years with barca and our demanding fans. I want to win.....Drogba is the real deal. I know Pep(Guardiola) would agree with me. So would Chelsea, Ac Milan , Inter, Real Madrid, Manu, heck every team that wants to win...i would hope that's every one.....By The way are u guys Spanish? We dont need Silva...what does he do?(3 goals , 5 i guess i whole lot that i dont see....and by the way his crosses aren't that great, i would play Sylvinho at left wing first...same or better dribbling and better crosses...hah ha) And how could u guys not like Hleb? are u kidding me?Stop playing u're Xboxes and PS3s and watch some real football. Heck try playing some real football (competitive)

Anonymous said...

Watch this

Drogba is great!!!

Please no to Silva.....He just doesn't impress me.

Anonymous said...

im convinced this isnt legitimate. The supposed interest in Drogba is a product of the posturing between barca and arsenal on the price of adebayor. We want Adebayor, Arsene wants to sell him, but we dont want to pay what arsenal is asking. We hope saying that we are going to buy drogba instead will persuade Arsenal to drop their asking price. Drogba will not play at barcelona.

cojonudo said...

I understand Drogba's point of view in asking for a three or four year contract which would not only bring him piece of mind and a feeling of "stability" but it would also show him the level of commitment the club is willing to make towards him....

But anything more than a two year deal would pose too much of a risk for Barcelona. Sure there is the possibility that Drogba comes in and terrorizes La Liga. But what if he's a flop? (which I would doubt very likely) and the added fact that Pep is working on a two year deal himself. And Pep's been the one "pushing" for Barcelona to add that "tall, physical, 'target man' all along. Pep and Drogba would essentially be tied at the hip. If one sinks so would the other. And if Pep's tenure ends in a collossal failure the last thing the club wants is to have Drogba laying around as dead weight for an incoming coach to figure into his "scheme", when the architect himself is no longer there.

BA said...

someone show me what our formation would look like with Drogba in it.

Anonymous said...

Dani Alves--Puyol--Caceres--Abidal

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