Monday, 15 September 2008

Diego Milito was again sounded out this summer

Spanish football weekly paper Don Balón claims that, like last year, Barcelona this summer sounded out Zaragoza on the transfer Genoa forward Diego Milito (29).

Because Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o in the end stayed with the club, a possible deal transfer of the Argentinian striker was cancelled.

Milito, the older brother of Barcelona central defender Gabriel, moved at the end of August to Italian club Genoa for a transfer fee of 10 million euro° (plus 3 million euro variables). Milito signed a three-year contract with his former club.

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pep said...

10 million euro =

16 million us dollar
8 million british pound

fcbee said...

Milito would ahve been a good back-up for Eto'o. Different player, so would have given more possibilities to chnge our system or to bring him out as pinch-hitter.

You could have sold Henry, get this guy in, winning some extra money that could then have served to get a left winger. Would have seemed pretty logic to me. But it's too late, let's see how this squad does and what happens in january.

Davor said...

That would have been a great transfer
Diego Milito set up the first, got the penalty, scored it and constantly made problems for the Milan defence on the weekend.
10 mill euros would have been reasonable.

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