Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Guardiola: "Bojan made a little jump forward"

Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola shared his thoughts after the league game against Sporting Gijón at a press conference:

"You can play better, you can play worse. Some things didn't work out. Sporting created us a lot of problems. It's a team I feel a lot of sympathy for. They have a coach who transmits courage and ambition. I'm sure they will have a good season.

The game happened like we had expected after the game of last Friday. I can't blame the team anything. It gives me confidence to see how they have played. Hard work is the only thing we cannot lose and the players have again showed that today. You can play good or bad, but everyone has done his job.

The generosity of Keita has no limits. It's a player who gives a lot and who grows in a game. He will play a lot this year. I am also happy that Ibrahimovic has scored. He was able to play for 90 minutes and that's a good sign. He worked a lot today. Sooner or later he will do very well. He's still in the process of adapting. Little by little he'll get there.

We'll recover Bojan as soon as possible because we need him. I have the feeling he made a little jump forward. He's intuitive, smart, I have a lot of confidence in him and I want to give him playing time. We shouldn't become obsessed with injuries. It's true we have a small squad but we have quality players. So when someone gets injured we only should think about the recovery, knowing that we have people to replace him.

If the press wants to help us, I think they should stop the continuous comments about how many trophies we will win. Let it be. That's not the way this works. If you want to help us, stop this. If we win one title this season, it will have been a good year."

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Letho said...

Bojan needs to learn to pass the ball more! There was more than one occassion that Zlatan was wide open in front of goal when Bojan decided to go for his own glory and miss-hit the ball in the stands

Marc4barca said...

and the thing is many will not notice that or even care because it was bojan but if it was zlatan he would of been blasted but never the less bojan was 2nd best on the pitch after keita. next match against getfae that will be tough good thing messi henry and iniesta will be back.

tero said...

Can't wait to see San Andres back in action!

barca96 said...

i know strikers need to have a little bit of selfish in them but bojan is just too much sometimes..especially last year..really disappointed with him last season

Anonymous said...

He was selfish last year? disappoited with him? what are you talking about? You should have seen at least five more matches.

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