Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Youth: Tottenham wants Jonathan dos Santos

Spanish football site Join Futbol claims that English Premier League club Tottenham is interested in Barcelona Juvenil A attacking midfielder and Mexican youth international Jonathan dos Santos (18), the younger brother of Tottenham player Giovani.

Tottenham manager Juande Ramos has personally asked his club to try and sign Jonathan for Tottenham's reserve team.

Spanish football site Airfutbol claims that an agreement couldn't be reached before the summer transfer window closed on Monday. Tottenham will come back in January and a transfer deal will most probably be found then.

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Anonymous said...

so will we lose all talents we have?

Anonymous said...

this is the most frustating thing i have seen... our board is completely incompetent. we let go of most of our top flight talent, first team and youth and in return we get dani alves? hes the only plyer of the caliber of players we lost. i cant believe we loose deco, ronnie, zambrotta, gio, iago, and soon johnathan and we bring back alves,. hleb and keita are solid but not class players.. i do however think caceres is one for the future. hes got great class. i just wish barca would hold on to their assets or at least get something in return for them

Anonymous said...

Jonathan isn't really seen as a top talent, so no need to be negative.

We have Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Bojan up front. Now there's Pedro. Gai and Jeffren and Thiago could be coming. Now honestly: what do you guys want more?! Not one European top club is even coming club to that.

Anonymous said...

I think if Barca would let leave this guy than due the respect to his family. It has to be difficult if you have one kid in London and second in Barcelona.

Would it be a huge loss? Maybe, some people say Jonathan is better than Gio. But they are really different, Jonathan plays in the middle. And to break out in this position is difficult, just look on Crosas who was regarded as a new Guardiola.

Anonymous said...

chill out ppl. I believe that after every decision there is a strong reason behind that, so maybe jonathan is not seen as bright talent so the board may decide to let him go. They sold dos santos for around 11 millions, because they had to. He was not that young anymore to play with reserve team, and first team chances were limited, as he was not good enough to be part of barca. Also he is not proving anything at Totenham but lets see. I may be one of the few that really believe on this board.

Visca el barca

Anonymous said...

my post wasnt intended to be about jonathan... hes the least of my worries... its more the decos and ronnies and the iagos.. world class stars and just about as close to a sure thing as you can get... you cant lose top level talent and not replace it

Anonymous said...

Last two seasons all those top players were here and they didn't add a lot. Nothing seemd to change that, so you cannot blame Barcelona that decision. The players apparently couldn't behave anymore like a profesional should behave.

Anonymous said...

granche, why do you write stuff that aint true?
There are 17 - 24 year olds in our reserve team. there aint no age roof in there.
Dos Santos wanted to leave becuase he didnt get a First team place that he demanded. Then the board decided to sell him now instead and bring in some money because his contract expired next summer.

Anonymous said...

Gio hasnt proved nuttin at tottenham?!The season just started and Gio is playing pretty good so far for being with a new team.If that's how u make judgement on thing's then I say Barcelona hasnt proved nuttin either and by the results of the first game barcelona are only on a decline and cant not get better

Unknown said...

people on this board need to chill out. no other team except for ajax has produced talent like barcelona in the last 5 years. Messi cesc bojan... three future worl players of the year all coming out of our youth set up... I know we let cesc and fran merida go but he wasnt and still isnt better than xavi and not much better than iniesta. so where would he have played ???!!! where would iago or the younger dos santos play now... we have 5 youngsters who with a little luck could be stars or good bench players in the next 3 years...gai jeffren pedrito busquets sanchez... what more do we want !!! relax... the staff at barcelona are better talent evaluators than all of us.. I know sometimes they get it wrong... but from the looks of it they get it right more often... so if they let dos santos go...or release iago... maybe its for the best!

cojonudo said...

I'm sure the Barca youth academy will somehow manage to survive the loss of Jonathan dos Santos. I don't understand why some of you are so surprised at this news? Once his brother left it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that his brother would soon follow suit.

Jonathan wasn't thought of as talented as his brother anyways. And who's to say that Tottenham are considering this move to make older brother, Gio, more "comfortable" in London with his brother by side than really believing Jonathan has a legitimate future at the club?

Regardless of the circumstances behind it, this is far from a fatal blow to our youth system. If this was someone like Gai or Thiago then yeah, I'd be much more concerned. As for Jonathan, best of luck to him in London. I'm sure he'll be happier being closer to his brother to.

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