Sunday, 30 August 2009

Puyol: "We still want to get better"

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Barcelona player Carles Puyol said that the squad is still aiming for more:

"We will try to get better. We are very motivated and ambitious, so let's see where this can end. The feeling in the group is very good, the truth is that we are very happy.

We are one of the best teams in the history of Barcelona. There have been a lot of great teams but we're making history and we still want to do better. That's our wish and we will fight to continue to make our fans happy.

Although winning is very difficult and we should keep our feet on the ground. My close friend Samuel Eto'o already called me and congratulated me with the win.

Regarding my contract renewal, I can only say that I have one more season left and that I'm focusing on the game. There will be time to talk and it's not something that worries me. Chygrynskiy? We know him well because we have played against him several times. We will welcome him and we will help him so he can adapt quickly."

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Chygrynskiy will arrive in Barcelona tomorrow


tero said...

The king shall never leave his kingdom

jahjah2001 said...

Love this guy, king indeed!

Anonymous said...

I love him to death, he is the best defender and greatest captain a team can have. But if he wants to leave Barca, he is more than welcome because we have able replacements like Chyggy, Pique, Milito, Marquez, and Toure. And I would be the first to promote Xavi as our new captain.

Harshawardhan said...

long live the king!!
puyol is an amazing captain..

ElovesBarca said...

I don't want Puyi leave !!!!! I can't imagine if he actually leaves for another team..... that would be heart-breaking moment.....

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