Sunday, 30 August 2009

Chygrynskiy joins Super Cup celebrations

* Pedro Cuppecker 1 - Chykitinskiy 0 *

Hey giant... Since you're already kind of one of us, I will let you touch the Super Cup a little.

Спасибо (thank you in ukrainian... i think)

(click the cartoon to enlarge)


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Anonymous said...

Спасибо is thank you in Russian, Chygrynsky speaks Russian because he played for Shaktar who based in Donetsk City wher mostly only Russians live ;)

tero said...

This is the first time I see Pedro in these comics...the guy is making an impact :D

Anonymous said...

i've said before that Pedro will become something but pretty much everybody went like "no Perdo is mediocre bojan is the future":
Look at him now.
Pedro is so much better than bojan imo and will have a greater succes than bojan.

Anonymous said...

Barca nike

Chygrinsky is in Barcelona and he took aa picture near the logo of the club, check out the official website of barca

~x~ said...

whats up with ppl claiming i said this i said that about one barca player or other? i never really got that. its quiet satisfaction never enough?

anywho Chyggggg! WELCOME & GOOD LUCK.

~x~ said...


Unknown said...

why is it written in the cartoon "CHYKITINSKIY" with T instead of CHYGIRINKIY with R?

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