Monday, 31 August 2009

Preciado (Sporting Gijon): "Strange things happen"

Speaking to Madrid radio station Radio Marca, Sporting Gijón manager Manuel Preciado commented on tonight's league game against Barcelona:

"We would have preferred to have a normal match day so we wouldn't have to play on Monday, but these things happen and you cannot do anything against it.

The players will go out there to compete, trying to win the game. We prefer a 0-0 over a 4-0 but we go to the Camp Nou without fear. We are modest but in football very strange things can happen. In general, I am satisfied about my team, although the injuries will cost us. Two strikers at the Camp Nou? Now that would be suicide
(smiles). The few times we will have the ball, we will need to approach their goal as quickly as possible."

At a press conference, Preciado added: "I cannot wait for this season to start, I'm very excited about it. Even more so because we start in the Camp Nou. Against the treble winners, a team that plays great football and has some impressive players.

But we're not going there to lose. Even knowing that it will be very difficult, if we want to do something we will have to be courageous and bold.
This year we have more experience, we cannot have so much fear anymore. That doesn't mean that they cannot again score five goals against us, although it will be in a different way because I want my team to keep a cooler head."

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tero said...

Can't wait the season to start!! too bad it's midnight when the game starts here where I live :P

Anonymous said...

will botia play?

Àlex said...

this guy is preparing us for another bus parking match!!
"0-0 is better than 0-4"

Pablo Lucero from the Philippines said...

I think FC Barcelona has to come up with effective solutions against the "parking the bus" strategy of other football teams (particularly English Premier League clubs such as Chelsea FC and Manchester United FC) because I'm sure this year, the same strategy will be employed by the opponent teams

clive said...

no, Alex. No La Liga team plays defensive sissy-assed school bus parking football like those EPL sucker coaches do. Plus Sporting de Gijon is a respectable team with a great crowd of fans who support them endlessly. They have a spirit better than many other teams.

Anonymous said...

The Spanish teams haven't figured out yet how to build a double decker bus in front of the goal yet.

If they took a cue from their English counterparts they would have figured it out by now.

barca96 said...

haha tero, its 4am in my place
i have to watch live as there will be no repeats.thats resrved for madrid

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