Monday, 31 August 2009

Guardiola: "We respect every opponent"

Speaking at a press conference, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola commented on tonight's league game against Sporting Gijón:

"Despite being the reigning champions, we are starting from zero now and we have to win everything back. And it will be difficult because the opponents now want to defeat the team that won everything. But we will again try to win every game.

We are staying modest and we respect every opponent. Every team can beat us and if they do, it will be our fault. The conditions of the Friday game can have an influence on the team. We have analyzed the players one by one, physically it has been very exhausting. But those who will play, will go out there and run."

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Faggot said...

Unless its Los pu.tos blancos!!!!

Mierda Madrid!!

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