Thursday, 10 July 2008

Guardiola asked for three goalkeepers

Barcelona's official website reports that new Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola has explicitly asked the club to have again three goalkeepers in the first team squad.

Víctor Valdés (26), José Manuel Pinto (32) and Albert Jorquera (29) will occupy the three places. Last season Guardiola already had three goalkeepers at his disposal when he was coaching Barcelona B.

Barcelona goalkeepers over the last 15 years

2007/08: Valdés, Jorquera, (Pinto)
2006/07: Valdés, Jorquera
2005/06: Valdés, Jorquera
2004/05: Valdés, Jorquera
2003/04: Rustu, Valdés, Jorquera
2002/03: Bonano, Enke, Valdés
2001/02: Dutruel, Bonano, Reina
2000/01: Dutruel, Arnau, Reina
1999/00: Arnau, Hesp
1998/99: Hesp, Arnau
1997/98: Busquets, Hesp, Vitor Baía
1996/97: Busquets, Arnau, Vitor Baía
1995/96: Lopetegui, Busquets, Angoy
1994/95: Angoy, Busquets, Lopetegui
1993/94: Busquets, Zubizarreta

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Anonymous said...

Non of them is good enough to play for Barca. We wanted Pep to ask for new world-class goalkeeper.

Anonymous said...

was hopin he asked for at least one new goalkeeper in that way valdes would be as second choice pinto or jorquera one of them as third choice . i think that would be appropriate. We showed to much confidence in Valdes.


Anonymous said...

Valdes is one of the best goalkeepers in the world. He consistently is in the top for the Zamora title, every year and with exception for this year he have always been better then Casillas.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Valdes is the goods. He tends to go on occasional psychic walkabout, but every keeper makes errors.

Is he as good as Casillas? No, but Valdes is definitely world-class. Pinto I would have to rate ahead of Jorquera.

Anonymous said...

valdes improves each year, but could do with better competion. havebt seen pinto play for celta but he looked ropey for us. get neuer, would be perfect, hed challenge valdes for top spot but wouldnt mind be reserve for one or two seasons, plus he bloody young for a goalkeeper.

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