Thursday, 10 July 2008

West Ham considering bid for Gudjohnsen

British tabloid The Sun claims that West Ham United manager Alan Curbishley could launch a 6,5 million euro° bid for Barcelona attacker and Iceland international Eidur Gudjohnsen (29) now that it seems clear that striker Zamora will leave the English Premier League club this summer.

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pep said...

6,5 million euro =

10 million us dollar
5 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Oh please, oh please, oh please....

Wait....would we pay THEM 6.5 million to take him, or are they paying us? (Just kidding!)

He belongs in the Premiership. It suits his skill set much better.

cojonudo said...

For 6.5mil Barcelona should include a case of "Anís de Mono" in the deal and cover all travel expenses including limosine service to and from the airport as well as hotel accomodations once Guddy arrives in London. And foot the bill for Guddy's dinner at The Fat Duck for good measure!

Anonymous said...

Gudjohnsens to good for La Liga, he should go to Italy.

cbr_boss said...

You people are talking like the boy has no me he's dead wieght in the midfield but if and when they give him run as striker or CF..he finds the net, you forget he gave all of us 3 inches of hope in the champs league against liverpool when he scored and then ronnie hit the post Immediately after... and he's scored goals before and after that when played in the correct position. I can't belive you guys are talking about him like he's shit you need to watch his style and then know as a midfielder you have to know how to complement that..and times when he's in that position(striker) xavi, inesta and ronnie have all found him with pass's followed by goals...How easily they forget. I think he should be kept and given a fair chance but not in Mid-field..where nothing will be proven but the fact that he's not cut out for it.

Anonymous said...

i agree with u cbr..

he's a forgotten player...he rarely gets a still he gets the goal...:)

10 million transfer will be good enough for the club n player.

he's a decent player..let him go to resurrect his reputation.

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