Monday 24 August 2009

Sylvinho agent confirms Manchester City contacts

Asked about the rumours linking former Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35) with a move to Manchester City (read more here), the player's agent Hans Lamberz has confirmed in an interview with British sports site Sky Sports that there have been contacts with the English club but that a decision has not yet been made:

"There was contact with Manchester City a while ago and that has been renewed recently. Sylvinho is a free agent and he is in no rush to sign anywhere as he can join a club outside the transfer window.

Manchester City is obviously an interesting option with the talent there and Mark Hughes as manager. We are waiting for a decision from the directors of Manchester City and Sylvinho also has a decision to make."

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tero said...

Nah,I would prefer to see him play with Ronaldo.

Anonymous said...

The problem with that is that you won't see him play with Ronaldo unless you live in Brazil. Now, even if they had broadcasting where you live, Santos would not let Sylvinho play for a moment.

Anonymous said...

Santos is already shipped to Fenerbahce & he already scored 3 goals for them. He's signed as a winger by them, so that more or less would deteriorate his chances to play for his National Team

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