Sunday 23 August 2009

Super Cup, 2nd leg: Barcelona-Athletic Bilbao 3-0


Piqué (75 Busquets)


Ibrahimovic (71 Bojan)
Henry (75 Pedro)

49 Messi 1-0
67 Messi 2-0 (pen)
72 Bojan 3-0


yellow cards


out of match squad




E said...

well Jeffren, Jonathan & Muniesa where also out of the match squad right? Or are they already back at Barca Athletic?

Harsha said...

maxwell played well today

Anonymous said...

i think muniesa nd jeffren returned but jonathan nd iniesta were in the nou camp but maybe the rest were there 2 not sure

Anonymous said...

Everybody played well I think. Athletic only tried to create free kicks and stop the play. Keita was very good. Zlatan-Messi combination looks like it will be amazing. Imagine when they get to know eachother's movements better, and then add Iniesta in on top of that. 4 of the top 5 players in the world with Xavi-Iniesta-Ibra-Messi.

Helge said...

My vote goes to Maxwell, because he has surprised me a lot. For Messi, it was just a usual game :)

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

Maxwell... 5 miljon... transfer of the year !!!

Leon said...

definitely agree, Maxwell really play well today

Good transfer for Barca : )

Hoping more from Maxwell this season. Duo of Maxwell & Alves = Strong Offense-Defense from both sides

plus the combination of Messi- Ibra- Xavi -Iniesta

Ibra did well today. Hope he can adapt quicker with Barca system. Combination of Messi - Ibra looked promising in today's match

Anonymous said...

Remember that we don't pay for the player, we pay for the player's contract. So Maxwell had one year left, and that drastically reduces the price of his contract. It is always good to look around for players on Bosman or players who has one year left on their contracts. There are alot of bargains out there.

Unknown said...

i agree, now maxwell is one of my favorites on the team
but also kudos to guardiola for changing the style to accommodate both alves and maxwell, he dropped toure back into a center back, while pique and puyol spread wide, and maxwell and alves moved up into more of a 3-4-3
i liked how it worked, and can only imagine what will happen when iniesta takes the place of keita, and there is another genius running around making stuff happen

i think ibra played better today than he did last week, but he still runs away to the opposite side of the field, instead of checking to the ball, and i specifically remember messi running in from the corner of the box in the first half, and shooting, but ibra was no where to be found for the rebound, although that is not to say i didnt enjoy his little flicks and the scissor kick, i just hope he will mo

Anonymous said...

Allright, I thought Ibra played very well today. With a bit of luck he would certainly have scored more than one goal. You guys have to remember that Zlatan still plays with pain in his hand, and he's and are NOT in top shape (probably a couple of weeks until it reach it). Still he plays well, minimize his faults and had at least 3 shots on goal. Anyone more who thinks that he moved a lot more than the city match?

Anonymous said...

@ thomas

So you would rather prefer ibra and messi playing in the same spot on the field? Ibra wants a cross to dribble his defender and then pass or shoot.

Anonymous said...

i feel keita improving day by day.

Anonymous said...

mike in africa said...

a lot praises for maxwell? i thought he's a very good player (and signing) but had a normal game :)

he did surprise me tho in the first game he played for barca, he was quick, confident, good on the ball and seemed to be able to fit in effortlessly.

bosnian_likes_barca said...

Why Thiago wasn't in th team. He's the best of joungsters and alredy could play games like this. I think we still need two good young players, like Chirginsky and Sneider or Robben. I'm so afraid of injuries and we must have more quality for rotation.

Anonymous said...

We need two players. A central defender and an attacker. Perhaps not a striker is what we need, but why we loaned out Keirrison to a team which doesn't play him?

Oyedele 'El Phenomenon' Adebiyi said...

@ marc4barca, why did u ask that i my a jamican? Anywayz jsj type my name and check out my wikipedia! Gud luck

@Every barca brothers.
I am a bit worried that 'big show' hasnt scored. Maxwell was damn good. Anywayz, i am stil optimistic! 1 down, 5 left (TROPHIES GALORE)
Yesso no shaking.

KluivertsBoots said...

Anyone know where I can find a torrent? Any lang works as long as it is good quality.

Anonymous said...

I really liked Zlatan's control in the box and what he did with the ball in the air, but maxwell played very well and so did toure and keita. :)

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