Monday, 24 August 2009

Santander contacts Barcelona and Jeffren on loan

Asked about the rumours linking Barcelona Atlètic wing attacker Jeffren Suárez (21) with a loan move to Racing Santander (read more here), Racing president Francisco Pernía has confirmed in an interview with Catalan radio station Catalunya Ràdio that there have been contacts:

"We were the first ones to ask Barcelona about his situation and the first ones who contacted him and his entourage. I hope the deal can be closed soon although I'm aware this could depend on the transfers Barcelona will make in the coming weeks."

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Anonymous said...

who cares he sucks..... but even worse he actually thinks hes worthy of wearing a barca shirt

Anonymous said...
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operator said...

@ 2nd anony truth gets u mad? he is not worthy of barca

Anonymous said...

Get rid of him...

I wish we still had Gio dos Santos...he is way better & more talented then Pedro & Jeffren...

He was voted as best player in the gold cup!

Maybe we should make an offer for around 10 mill and buy him back. After 1 year in london & ipswich, i think he realises that Barcelona is the best place to be.

creus said...

Gio dos Santos can rot over in England for all I care. He had his chance and got cocky. I don't care if he's the best winger in the world, I don't want him back. It's a shame, I used to like him.

About Jeffren; I hope he stays and gets the same type of role as Pedro had last year.

tero said...

Yep,Gio blew it.There's no denying that.Luckily his brother has some sense left,he's going to be a huge star in Barca and Gio can cry in England

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