Monday, 24 August 2009

Poll result: Chygrynskiy transfer

This is the final result of this blog's Should we pay 25 millions for Chygrynskiy? poll:

62% No
28% Yes
10% Don't know

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Søren Mortensen said...

If he is what Pep wants, we should get him.
"In Pep we trust"

However, personally I would prefer to use the current squad, with the Munisia and Fontas.

Anonymous said...

I say drop hime and get Daniel Agger enev though is injured at the moment(he will recover soon)

Barcaking said...

No, Daniel Agger is injured all the time, and i think he will be out for a long time. Even when he was fit last season he was only a substitute behind Skrtel and Carragher.
But i miss him for my national team!

Anonymous said...

Agger is one of if not the best left footed CB in europe. Yes he has been injured alot the past seasons but mainly due to a back injury which he´s now being operated for. I bet when he comes back people will see how great he is. I think we can get pretty cheap right now but when people first start to see how great he is his price tag will rise to

tero said...

I doubt Liverpool will let Agger go...not cheap,that's for sure.But 25M from Chygrynskiy is too much also.

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