Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Percentage of the day: 100


percentage of the 17 Barcelona pre-season goals
scored by homegrown players


pep said...

4: Bojan, Messi, Pedro
3: Jeffren
1: Xavi, Rueda

Emilfu said...

That one have been posted already havent it?

Or is it an updated version?

skanjos said...

against b rating teams..... the only good game was against city and we did good but didnt score.

Anonymous said...

skanjos: We played against the Premier League leaders and did well with our youth team against them.

mike in africa said...

as much as i like to say we dominated the game, they're not the "Premier League Leaders", and they also had their stars on the bench.

tero said...

That number would be impossible for Real Madrid even in one game

Mihai Martin said...

No it wouldn't! And i'll give you two examples with 100% homegrown goals for them:

Real - Valencia 0-3
Villarreal - Real 3-1 (Raul)

:)) Then again... Raul played for Atletico as a youth.

tero said...

Exactly,Milo...I wouldn't be surprised if mad madrid offloaded raul for some reason :D

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