Monday 31 August 2009

Guardiola on Ibrahimovic, Chygrynskiy and Messi

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola commented on some players.


"The only thing Ibra needs is time. It's a great player who didn't take part in the pre-season. But as he is so good, he won't have any problems."

"It's a great transfer for us, but you will see it when he'll play. We had one place we had to fill up at the back, it's a Uefa Cup winner, still very young although he has already been playing in the Champions League for three or four years. It wasn't some crush. We knew a lot about him, we have asked around a lot, we have seen him a lot and I think he can help us. We should thank the club for the effort and now it's up to the player to show it on the pitch."

"He is clearly the best, he is always one step ahead of the rest and when he says 'I want to win that game', he wins it. He has to deal with the pressure of being the best and he does that in a very natural way. He has all the qualities the number one should have and I have never seen anyone like him."

Iniesta and Márquez
"They are both almost ready to reappear but you will have to wait for the second league game to see them in action."

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Shokir said...

In Guardiola we TRUST

tero said...

I hope that Iniesta gets to full fitness soon

Unknown said...

sounds confident

mario ch said...

i caint wait to see iniesta play full recovered joy...;)

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