Sunday 30 August 2009

The Front: Sport


The team of Guardiola isn't satisfied with the five trophies

The players are already thinking about the World Cup for Clubs and the final at the Bernabéu

Chygrynskiy arrives today in Barcelona

This is how Pep prepared the final in Monaco


Marc said...

Inter will be very tough to beat. Can't wait.

Eto'o adapted pretty well. Real made a big mistake with Sneijder ha.

Marc4barca said...

Marc i think it's to early to judge sneijder even if he started well cause milan have been poor since the pre season losing to all big clubs and even small ones beating only juve on penalties. inter find it very hard to play against technical teams and let's not forget they struggled against bari. they still maybe tough to defeat cause they definitely will defend against us.

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